Lesser known anda recipes across India

One ingredient. Many varieties. From omlettes to shakshuka and eggs Benedict to andey ka halwa, the humble egg lends itself to a variety of cuisines and recipes. In India as well, nearly every region has some traditional preparation featuring eggs. Here’s a look at some lesser known recipes from across India in which eggs form the star of the dish.

17 Sep 2020

1. Kodi guddu gasagasala kura

This dish from Andhra Pradesh features boiled eggs which are shallow fried and then cooked in a rich poppy seed paste. The khus khus or poppy seeds add body and flavour to the dish, while giving it a subtle sweetness, which beautifully contrasts with the spices. Kodi guddu gasagasala kura is usually served with roti or rice.

2. Dimer dalna

The ultimate egg-based Bengali comfort food, dimer dalna is a hearty curry which tastes best with steamed rice. Boiled eggs are lightly coated in salt and turmeric and pan-fried in oil till they turn golden. This crust adds texture and also helps the gravy (made with tomatoes, onion, garam masala and ginger-garlic paste) adhere to the egg.

3. Muttai kuzhambu

This spicy and flavourful Tamil-style egg curry pairs best with hot rice but can also be had with roti. The coconut-based gravy includes roasted spices and can be made with or without tamarind pulp.

4. Dhaba style egg curry

This rustic dish is reminiscent of the Punjabi curries you get in dhabas. While many variants exist, the onion-tomato-garam masala base remains constant. Kasuri methi is another popular addition to the gravy. The rich, spicy egg curry has a smokey flavour that pairs perfectly with naan, tandoori roti or chapati.

5. Haak thool

A simple Kashmiri recipe which combines haak or saag (spinach, collard greens or knol khol leaves) with hard-boiled eggs that have been fried until they turn golden brown. The mustard oil in which the saag is sautéed adds extra depth and flavour to the dish. This side dish also makes an appearance in Kashmiri waazwans and is usually served with steamed rice.

6. Nadan mutta roast

Egg (mutta) roast is a popular breakfast dish at street food stalls in Kerala. Hard-boiled eggs are served in a spicy tomato and onion base, which is tempered with curry leaves and mustard seeds. Nadan mutta roast is usually served with steamed appams, idiyappams or puttu.

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