Home Chefs Can Do Wonders To Your Picnic

The home chefs have upped their game and are providing customized solutions to all styles of food

22 Mar 2021

With the advent of COVID19 and the thereupon 'new normal', a lot game changers have taken over the age old practises and professionals.  Like - webinars have taken over seminars, webseries has taken over mainstream cinema and the likes.

Similarly, making full use of the ongoing situation, the home chefs have upped their game and are providing customized solutions to all styles of food consumption.

Their carefully curated platters are no more limited to festivals or regional thalis. Whether you want to order food for overnight train journey, or fasting food for a group of pandits performing puja at home, or get the daily quota of breads and buns, they are all in to supply to your demand.

We at West Bengal Hotels & Restaurants Council of Women's Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, regularly organize food centric events wherein we highlight the different food services and capabilities of our members owning assorted food brands and services.

To showcase the culinary wonders that home chefs can bring to a picnic, at the onset of the year 2021, we organized an outdoor picnic, wherein the entire food hamper was curated and prepared by a couple of home chefs, comprising of yum snacks, main course, both hot and cold beverages and fruits!

It was quite relaxing to hand over a picnic's food & beverage responsibility to professionals. No early morning getting up, no slogging in the kitchen and no continuous check-listing. 

We just visited the picnic spot and enjoyed the following wonderfully prepared dishes and food combos -

Cocktail Samosa With Hot Tea, Masala Chivda With Aerated Beverage, Greek-Style Pasta & Beans Cold Salad, Mini idli & Vermicelli Stir Fry With Green Goddess Chutney and Cream Cheese & Pesto Veggies Squares.

It was refreshing to have a picnic sans the usual Stuffed Paranthas and traditional Sandwiches. 

Also, it was liberating to enter the picnic spot sans any luggage at hand. As a value add-on to their service, the home chefs had joined us alongwith a staff and arranged for sitting mattresses, games, waste bags and the likes!

The even packed all the leftovers and distributed amongst us, which was relished by our family members.

Next time you plan a picnic, leave the cooking blues to seasoned home chefs.

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