Fusion Fiesta: Pasta-Like Indian Delicacies

Tempting Indian dishes that will satisfy your pasta cravings

30 May 2024

Indian cuisine is a true celebration of versatility, nutrition, and taste, offering a delightful exploration of textures, flavours, and regional specialties. A remarkable testament to its diversity is the array of pasta-like dishes it boasts. If you're an adventurous pasta enthusiast, get ready to tantalise your taste buds with these unique Indian creations.


Chakulya, popularly known as Varan Phal in Maharashtra, is a hearty and spicy dish that resembles pasta in its texture and preparation. This recipe features square-shaped semolina, or wheat flour dough, bobbling in a rich curry of fiery chilies, curry leaves, and mashed lentils, creating an explosion of flavour in every bite.

Kakka Orotti

Hailing from the coast of Malabar, this dish is a perfect blend of aromatic spices with creamy coconut milk. Often served in a rich coconut milk-based gravy with succulent seafood, this authentic Malabari delight will surely leave you wanting more!

Menthe Kadubu

Move over, Ravioli! We have a much healthier version of pasta, Menthe Kadubu. Savour these delicate steamed rice dumplings, stuffed with a fragrant mix of lentils and fresh fenugreek leaves. Cooked in spiced yoghurt sauce, the dumplings can also be stir-fried for a scrumptious, crispy twist.

Dal ki Dulhan

Literally translating to "Lentil Bride," this amusing name hints at the perfect marriage of flavours. Just picture warm, comforting wheat flour dumplings cooked in a fiery tomato and lentil stew! Enjoy this aromatic Dal ki Dulhan, a meal from North India, to satisfy your pasta cravings.

These peculiar Indian recipes seamlessly bridge the gap between two beloved culinary cultures. So, get creative and infuse rich Indian flavours with your favourite pasta shapes and sauces.

Which pasta-like Indian dish appealed to you the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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