Four coffee-based meat and fish dishes you may not have heard before

Have you ever tried cooking meat and fish with coffee? Yes, you have heard it correct. The combination of energy-boosting beverage and meat is a match made in heaven. At the Home Chef Matters, celebrity Chef Vicky Ratnani spoke about how coffee works well as marinades and rubs for meat and seafood dishes. “The strong flavour profile of coffee goes well with both white and red meat. Also think of it using as a spice, like how you use Indian spices. The biggest benefit of using coffee is that it acts as a tenderizer because of its acid level,” Ratnani said. While dark roasts are ideal rubs for red meats, light roasts pair well with chicken or fish. His top tip: “Don’t marinate the meat for too long in coffee as it will overpower the meat’s flavour.” Check out the coffee-based meat and fish dishes below

19 Nov 2019

Chicken with Coffee Marinade

This one works well as a quick evening dinner. Marinade the chicken with jaggery, light soy sauce, tomato sauce, vinegar, freshly brewed coffee and lemon juice. Grill the chicken and garnish with coriander. Serve it with a healthy green salad or steamed rice.

Coffee Rubbed Grilled Salmon

Unlikely pairing isn’t it? But for fish lovers, this interesting pairing works well. Other fishes worth trying are trouts, mackerels or halibut. Coat the salmon (or any other fish of your choice) with finely ground coffee, black pepper, oregano, salt and curry powder. Cook it directly on the grill. Serve it with fruit salsa or a green salad.

Coffee Rub Lamb Shanks

This party favourite delectable dish can be made for birthdays and anniversaries. The smell of the darkly roasted ground coffee infused with spices and stuffed in lamb shanks imparts a unique flavour. The balance of bitter, spicy and savoury notes in this rub works wonderfully with the lamb. Serve it on a bed of couscous and yoghurt.

Chicken Wings with Coffee

Ever cooked chicken wings with coffee? Coffee gives chicken wings a smoky and earthy flavour. The smokiness of the paprika, the heat of the cayenne and the raw texture of the coffee grounds create an exciting flavour in your mouth. Cook the wings until they are nicely browned and juicy. After you are through, serve on a platter and just dig in.

So how do you like to incorporate coffee in your meat and fish dishes? Share with your comments below.

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