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Get experimental with dragon fruit

19 Nov 2021

Having its origins in Mexico, the dragon fruit is a low calorie, high in antioxidants super-fruit. It has a sweet flavour and hence can be teamed with a whole range of ingredients in your meal. Here are some recipes you must try!

Dragon fruit pudding

The dragon fruit pudding is a must-try as it is rich in flavour and has a delightful aftertaste. The recipe is pretty simple too, and you can have it with your friends and family. Add water to a small bowl and sprinkle gelatin on top, then leave it aside to bloom for about five minutes. Now add sugar and coconut milk to a saucepan and let it simmer on medium flame. Next, scoop the dragon fruit pulp in a bowl and mix it in the saucepan once after gently smashing it with a fork. Now, stir the gelatin into the mix for about a minute. Pour the mix into serving bowls and refrigerate for about three to four hours until the pudding is soft but firm to touch.

Dragon fruit smoothie

Since it is pulpy in nature, the dragon fruit can easily be made into a smoothie. In a blender, add water, banana, dragon fruit, blueberries, ginger and spinach. Blend until it’s very smooth and serve right away. You can modify as per taste and even add whey protein or dates for nutritional value.

Dragon fruit parfait

Whip up a crumbled crust of dried mulberries, dates and cinnamon. Layer the crust with dragon fruit mix in a glass. You can top it with an assortment of different fruits. You can have this delicious parfait with your friends as a midday snack.

Dragon fruit salsa

It is a simple recipe and is very easy to put together for your mid-day hunger pangs. All you need is a cup of dragon fruit, green onion, coriander and lime juice. Chop the dragon fruit and onion and then combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mix gently. Serve with chips.

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