Cool off this summer with lip-smacking creamy lassi

You have to try these lassi variants before the summer season is over!

31 May 2022

Lassi is a traditional yoghurt-based drink that is relished by people across the country. A popular drink, it is great for cooling off during summer afternoons or after a fiercely spicy meal. The base of all lassi variants is the same – it is a blend of sweet yoghurt, water, and a pinch of salt that is mixed together till it turns frothy. Just grab some delicious Godrej Jersey Rich Curd, and get started.

Fruit lassi
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The summer season’s favourite fruit mango, pairs beautifully with yoghurt to give you a refreshing sweet mango lassi. Blend chilled Godrej Jersey Rich Curd, some pulp of ripe and sweet mango and ice cubes. You don’t need to add sugar since the mangoes can lend plenty of sweetness to the drink. Enjoy the soothing lassi during lunch on a warm afternoon. You can also swap the mango for fruits such as strawberries or bananas, only ensure that the fruits aren’t tart and add the sugar to your concoction accordingly.

Chocolate almond lassi
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This creamy, nutty, chocolatey preparation delights the young, old, and children alike! To prepare this drink, blend together some Godrej Jersey Rich Curd with cocoa powder, powdered sugar and ice. Add chopped almonds to it and stir well. Pour the chocolate almond lassi in a glass and garnish with some more almond pieces.

Dry fruit kesar lassi
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This lassi is simple enough to make, while the dry fruits add to the nutritional value of the drink. Just throw some cashews, pistachios, almonds and a few strands of saffron in the blender. Add Godrej Jersey Rich Curd, ice, and sugar to the finely crushed dry fruit and voila - the dry fruit kesar lassi is ready.

Banarasi lassi

This lassi is more of a chilled dessert than a refreshing drink but is just as (or perhaps more) enjoyable to consume on warm days. Banarasi lassi is served in kulhads and sold out of the innumerable hole-in-the-wall joints across Varanasi. The distinct thing about this lassi is its preparation and serving style which makes all the difference – the curd for the lassi is set with reduced milk and the lassi is served with a blob of rabdi on the top.

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