Is following a diet just a hype?

There is no hiding from the fact that health and fitness has acquired a new meaning in the last five years. Be it celebrities posting their workout videos or nutritionists advocating benefits of eating healthy, staying fit has become a motto for many. A tremendous amount of emphasis is laid on what one eats. After all as the saying goes, “You are what you eat.” A few influencers busted myths around dieting at Home Baker Matters

22 Nov 2018

To follow a diet or to not follow a diet?

A lot revolves around what we eat and how we feel during the day. Many people are quick to jump on to the diet bandwagon and follow them blindly without realising whether these fads are sustainable or not.  But as food blogger Monika Manchanda explains, “The whole idea of eating healthy and wholesome is not quite a diet. Anything temporary or what we call a diet is not sustainable in the long run.”

Food trends matter more than diets

Athletes crediting their success to a particular diet they follow often results in a domino effect. A large section of people try to implement the same diet in their routine. Well, that’s not how it works. Chef Abhijit Saha hits the bullseye when he says, “Diets will come and go. Today keto is famous, tomorrow it will be something else. As a chef, I believe in keeping with trends which are more food-centric rather than a diet. How we can make indulgence healthy is the question.”

A lifestyle decision

Home baker, Lavanya V Kotha was on point with her assessment of the hype around diets. She says, “When I call something as keto, healthy or a diet, it’s nothing else but a lifestyle decision. Changing your diet means bringing about a lifestyle change too.” And lifestyle decisions aren’t taken overnight; one has to do thorough research before adopting a particular diet or rather a lifestyle.

Information is key

With the growing craze around what diets to follow, our food stars kept it simple. They stressed on the need to be aware and conduct research about different types of diets. As Monika put it, “Following a diet is as important as understanding it.” With the luxury of information that is so readily available on the internet, there can be no shortage of reading material.

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