Food storage hacks you should know

Keep your vegetables and fruits fresh for a longer time with these simple food storage hacks!

22 Jul 2022

Mushrooms develop black spots after being in the fridge for too long, a piece of fruit lies abandoned in little unidentifiable boxes, coriander leaves droop too soon, and a half-cut piece of lemon tumbles on fridge shelves looking for a home.

How can we make the best use of our precious fruits and vegetables?

Keep reading to discover some fun hacks you can apply to your overstocked fridge.

“How long has this been here?”

If you find yourself asking this question often, you are probably unable to keep track of the vegetables in your fridge. You can store them in a manner that helps prolong their shelf life. You could also use Godrej Protekt Germ Protection Fruit & Veggie Wash while washing your produce to kill any germs or bacteria that might still be lingering on them.

Herbs such as coriander and mint can be stored upright in a container full of water to keep them fresh for longer. Make sure to cover the top with plastic wrap. You can also place wet paper napkins amidst the leaves to ensure they stay fresh for longer. Certain fruits and vegetables such as apples, bananas, and tomatoes emit a high ethylene gas which causes nearby fruits and vegetables to ripen faster. Thus, its best to keep them away from the sensitive leafy greens.  If they still get all droopy, try adding a pureed form to your sabji!

Similarly, keep your potatoes away from your onions to keep the former from ripening too quickly.

Mushrooms! The not-so-cheap vegetable could use a longer shelf life! Store your mushrooms in a paper bag and make sure to poke some holes on the top to ensure they stay fresh. If you still have some left after cooking them, repack them in the same manner and store them in your fridge.

Finally, to keep those lemon pieces in check and help them stay fresh for longer, try poking a small hole into the lemon whenever you want to use it, instead of cutting it in half.

“The banana doesn’t look too nice”

If the banana is mouldy and has started to turn black there’s a chance you will just wait for it to rot completely before throwing it out. Instead, you can individually wrap the stem of the bananas with plastic wrap to keep them fresh for longer.

Similarly, if you’ve cut pieces of fruit which you don’t intend to consume, you can pack them in an air-tight container (except bananas) and put them in your fridge. You can also sprinkle some lemon juice on top to keep it from oxidising.

Another hack is to store the fruits in ice-cold water to prolong the freshness for an extra few hours.

Briefly wash your strawberries and other berries in a water solution spiked with a small amount of vinegar before storing them in the fridge. This helps kill any bacteria and helps your precious berries stay fresh for longer.

Additionally, store fruits such as apples, strawberries and pears in the fridge instead of storing them at room temperature.

Do you know some other food storage hacks which can help prolong the shelf life of fruits and vegetables? Tell us in the comments section below

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