A healthy snack break is all you need to stay productive at work!

When in doubt, take a snack break. When in good mood, take a snack break. There are hundreds of reasons to take a snack break when you’re at work. Afterall, you need to keep your body nourished to be productive throughout the day. But remember, filling the tummy with something healthy needs a lot of planning and discipline. So, here are some healthy snack options for you to fall back on.

29 Jan 2020

Baked veggie chips

Baked veggies chips make for a delicious, wholesome and a shelf-stable snack. You can prepare them by thinly slicing veggies of your choice – carrots, zucchini, sweet potatoes, beets, etc. Brush the veggies with some olive oil and bake on a lined baking sheet. The best part about making your own chips is that you can choose your ingredients and avoid unnecessary additives that may come along with readymade chips.


Edamame beans are whole, immature soya beans that are loaded with high-quality protein and healthy fibre. Their rich nutrients are associated with lowering cholesterol, maintaining blood sugar levels as well as aiding appetite control and weight loss. Edamame is often sold while still encased in the pods. Just pop the beans out of the pod and enjoy them steamed, cooked, or dried. A handful of edamame beans at work is sure to satiate your hunger at any time of the day.

Homemade snack bars

On a base of oats, add the richness of creamy nut butter, toasty coconut oil and egg white. Sweeten it with honey or maple syrup and add roasted nuts along with chopped dry fruit pieces to make it crunchy. Just follow these steps – mix, press, bake and cool. A good mixture of fat and protein along with complex carbs is just the right way to keep your energy levels up throughout the day.

Spiced cashews

Rich in nutrients and great in taste, spiced cashews are the best snacks for quick munching even when you’re not taking a break from work. They can be prepared by baking a mixture of cashews tossed in olive oil, cumin, chilli powder and ginger. There are also many variants of spiced cashews available in the market. Just be careful to choose the one that uses natural ingredients.

Nuts covered in dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is an ideal choice for those who have a sweet tooth but are also conscious about their health. It is rich in antioxidants that fight various chronic diseases. And, as we already know, nuts contain protein and healthy fats that fill us up. Therefore, dark chocolate-covered nuts are great if you’re feeling hungry or low on energy. When buying them from a store, just be on a lookout for variants that have no added sugars and contain at least 50 percent cocoa content.

Customised trail mix

Whether you are at your workplace, at home, or in transit, trail mix is a go-to snack anywhere and everywhere. There are different kinds of trail mix packets available in the market. The traditional one contains legumes (peanuts or soya beans), dried fruits (cranberries, apricots, apples, etc.), chocolate (chips or chunks), and cereal such as granola. You can customise your trail mix by mixing the ingredients of your choice, thereby ensuring great taste and health.

Aren’t these snacks too tempting for you to take a short break from work? Just stock up your desk to get, set, and go!

What are some healthy snacks that you prefer having while at work? Please let us know by sharing your response below.

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