4 ways to include ghee in your diet

Swap out your oil for ghee and find out why it is a healthier choice

02 Mar 2023

Ghee is one of the most important staples of Indian cuisine. Everyone knows how good it is for health, but few follow a lifestyle where ghee is consumed regularly. There's more to the wonder of ghee than meets the eye. It can impact your health positively in multiple ways.

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Ghee can be an integral part of your dietary fats. Here are four ways to include ghee in your diet and reap its benefits.

Add ghee to milk

Add ghee to  milk
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Add a teaspoon of ghee to your morning cup of warm milk and enjoy its healing properties. The mixture helps improve digestion, absorption of nutrients from your food and soothe your stomach after eating spicy foods.

Use it as a healthy spread

Use it as a  healthy spread
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Ghee gives an extra layer of flavour and richness when added to chapatis. Try adding a teaspoon of Godrej Jersey Ghee while kneading dough before making chapatis or rotis (flatbreads) — this will make them soft and fluffy when cooked on the tava instead of being crispy as they would be without ghee.

Include ghee in your diet as a healthy fat option

Include ghee  in your diet as a healthy fat option
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Eating fats with breakfast helps steady blood sugar levels. Adding ghee or coconut oil to your morning meal is an excellent way to start the day because both these foods provide long-lasting energy without causing spikes in blood sugar levels.

Replace refined oils with ghee

Replace  refined oils with ghee
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Refined oils are made by stripping down the oil and removing its good nutrients. These oils tend to be unstable, oxidise easily, and trigger inflammation in the body. You can swap refined vegetable oils with ghee when making recipes like stir fries, curries, or roasting vegetables. If you have a recipe that calls for oil, you can swap it out for ghee instead. This will make your food tastier while also improving its nutrition profile.

Do you know of any other ways to incorporate ghee into the diet? Let us know in the comments.

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