Restaurant dishes that Mumbaikars are craving

Ghar ka khana has been on the menu for most of us ever since the lockdown began. But what restaurant dishes are people craving?

24 Apr 2020

Weekly menu planning, cooking, creatively reusing leftovers and experimenting with ingredients: our lives largely seem to revolve around our kitchens these days. Nothing can replace ghar ka khana, but eating out is an experience in its own. Through our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram handles, we asked people which restaurant’s dish they were craving the most and couldn’t wait to eat as soon as the lockdown is lifted. Here were some of the popular responses!

Pav bhaji at Sardar Pav Bhaji

The no-frills restaurant in Tardeo, Mumbai, is legendary for its version of the street food favourite. Sardar Pav Bhaji’s plates of butterly deliciousness regularly feature in the city’s list of must-eat delicacies. It’s no wonder then that it made it to the list of restaurant dishes people have been craving!

Check out the Mumbai Foodie’s Instagram post on this lipsmacking delight:

Pani puri at Elco

From one legend to another: Elco in Bandra has been the go-to place for people whenever they crave pani puri. Head there when you want your fix of hygienic street food.

Get more details on Pooja’s Instagram post:

Bombay Burger from Chili’s

The vegetarian Bombay Burger served at Chili’s is yet another favourite. The burger features a golden-brown fried patty made up of mixed veggies including carrots, beans and peas and sounds like the top choice for Meatless Mondays!

Visit their Insta handle to find out more about their range of burgers:

Cookie in a Cup from The Rolling Pin

Who doesn’t love a warm, crunchy-on-the-outside-and-gooey-inside chocolate chip cookie? The Rolling Pin serves a different version of this crowd favourite as a dessert though. The Cookie in a Cup comes topped with ice cream and surely looks like a treat!

Get a bette glimpse of this dessert in a cup on their Instagram post:

Biryani at Delhi Darbar

This restaurant claims to have Mumbai’s best biryani and it looks like our readers agree. Slow-cooked Basmati rice, delicately spiced meat and aromatic herbs all come together in one tasty morsel.

This biryani image on their social media handle sure has us drooling:

Chicken puff at Sassanian Restaurant and Bakery

The melt-in-your-mouth chicken puff served at the iconic Irani cafe has been a childhood favourite for many. Don’t be surprised if you find people waxing eloquently about it.

Here’s what Rayomand has to say about the chicken puff on his Instagram post:

Masala dosa at Cafe Mysore

Anyone in Mumbai who appreciates a good dosa is sure to have visited Cafe Mysore. This iconic South Indian eatery is legendary for its dosas and filter coffee, and is also a popular haunt for teenagers who study at educational institutes around the area.

Check out Cafe Mysore’s handle for their post on a variation of this crowd favourite:

Are there any other dishes you’re missing from your favourite restaurant? Let us know which ones those are.

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