Relish in the farm-fresh goodness at these Mumbai restaurants

Restaurants in Mumbai are going to great lengths to serve only fresh, locally sourced and seasonal produce to their customers

25 Apr 2023

The farm-to-table experience involves sourcing ingredients from local sellers to reduce transit time and maintain the quality and freshness of produce. This trend, which gained popularity in 2022, has numerous advantages due to its benefits.

Preserving vegetables and fruits for a long time tends to rob the vegetables of their nutrients. This is solved when the producer is local and extensive transportation is not required. Moreover, transportation also tends to increase the carbon footprint, thus making this movement environment friendly.

“Buying good quality ingredients directly from producers in the place of origin is a win-win for everyone – the product changes fewer hands, giving the producer better returns, and the consumer an assurance of authenticity,” says Afsan Basu, Saffron Grower and Manufacturer - Basu Kesa.

Moreover, sourcing local produce enables the use of a wide range of vegetables and fruits grown in the Indian subcontinent. 

“More and more restaurants now are celebrating regional food. Indian food is perhaps the most unique, and diverse on the planet, even in the history of the human race. And it's good to see restaurants celebrating that” says Zorawar Kalra, Restaurateur and Managing Director of Massive Restaurants

Here are some of the best restaurants from Mumbai that offer the farm-to-table experience:

Smoke House Deli

Located in Bandra, the restaurant serves ‘comfort food with a deep focus on ethically sourced local ingredients that are healthy, organic, and wholesome ’ . One must try is their Goat Cheese and Grapes and Seasonal Citrus Fruits salad made with honey roasted walnuts, and a spiced passion fruit vinaigrette. Additionally, the Smoke House Avocado on Sourdough Toast sandwich, made with corgi avocado, crumbled feta, pickled red onions, and chillies, is a house favourite and a must-try for any visitor.


Masque in Mumbai is known for its belief in sourcing only seasonal, local produce and its focus on regional cuisines of India. The restaurant doesn ’t offer an ala carte menu but a 10 or 15 course meal, specially curated by the chef. Additionally, the menu is updated every two weeks(roughly) to incorporate the latest seasonal produce.

According to VC's discussion with the previous chef during their first anniversary, Masque sources ingredients from the far reaches of the country to maintain the authenticity of their recipes.

The Pantry

The Pantry in Fort, Mumbai is big on sustainability and locally sourced ingredients. The outlet, only open for delivery, offers a range of ethically made, unique recipes. Sandwiches such as Dalal Street (cheese toastie with roasted tomato chutney) and Marine Drive (spicy cottage cheese and mixed peppers) capture Mumbai and are made using bread from the Mumbai-based Mag Street Bread Co.

Their Guilt Free Pizza bases are made from cauliflower and come in a lip smacking range. Other interesting dishes include Charred Broccoli Mezze made with cauliflower hummus and roasted carrots, and Marguerite’s Mix salad made with pondichery gorgonzola, dried figs and roasted almonds.

Sequel Bistro and Juice Bar

The Sequel Bistro and Juice bar was set up as a means to enhance the use of plants, especially organic and local, in cooking. They have a special polyhouse in Pune to source their vegetables, and their menu is entirely gluten-free. A unique section in the menu titled ‘Warm and Healing ’ offers unique dishes like coconut broth with lotus root, baby portobello, tiger prawns with lemongrass and kaffir lime, and millet dosa with coconut and peanut chutney. Their salad bowls are also exquisite, with the Sequel Bowl featuring avocado, kale, roasted chickpeas, heirloom cherry tomatoes, and kashmiri forest honey with a lime dressing, among other ingredients.

The farm to fork movement offers a healthy mix of taste and nutrition. Looking for a wholesome breakfast, or perhaps just a unique meal? Head on to any of these restaurants to experience the benefits of locally produced, seasonal veggies and fruits.

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