Experience the rustic charm of traditional North Indian cuisine at Loya

The restaurant takes you on a culinary voyage across the foothills of the Himalayas, the Gangetic plains, Kashmir, and undivided Punjab

01 Dec 2022

Loya, the newest restaurant at the Taj Palace, New Delhi, from the Indian Hotels Company (IHCL), takes diners on a journey through the vivid landscape of the North. The name of the restaurant itself, Loya, comes from the Pashtun term ‘loya jirga’ , used to refer to a grand council of tribal leaders who would preside over a feast.

The restaurant entrance has a rope khatiya-inspired seating, that adds a homely vibe. The walls feature five unique patterns, centered around the philosophy of Paanch. The ceilings are lined with colourful tapestries, while the paintings adorning the walls and the ornate brass lanterns evoke nostalgia for simpler times.

At Loya, the food is prepared using traditional cooking techniques. In fact, an entire page of the menu is dedicated to explaining what dhungar, baghar, sigdi, and dum really mean! Moreover, Loya has glass-fronted kitchens so that you can watch the chefs as they work their magic on the sigdis and smokers.

The menu highlights are the Kachori chaat, a unique rendition of the Moradabadi dal, a tangy Timbri Jingha, and a rich and spicy paneer teen mirch. The sepu wadi, bharwan karare kulche and baingan ka bharta are not to be missed either.

 Here’s what you should be eating at the restaurant.

Timbri jhinga

This appetizer or Pella Swaad featuring Timbri Jhinga (prawns cooked in shrub seed marinade with pahadi bhang jeera chutney) is the perfect accompaniment to signature cocktails.

Dumba kadhai

This delicious kid goat meat dish is flavoured with slit chillies, ginger and black pepper and cooked on slow fire. Prepared in a classic cast-iron kadhai, it is truly nuanced cooking at its best.

Jammu julep

This is a unique amalgamation of fresh mint, lush blueberries and sandalwood dust with Loya’s signature spice nectar, blended with perfection to satiate your palate.

Dal ki chaat

The restaurant offers an assortment of dals, but the one that stands out is Dal ki chaat. Similar to the Moradabadi dal, this dish is tempered with tomatoes and garlic.

Signature cocktails

Besides the food that is made entirely from indigenous ingredients and spices, the bar menu too is unique to North India. All tonics and bitters are made in-house with unique cocktail combinations. Every drink is a tribute to the rich botanical offerings found across North India.

Have you visited Loya yet? If not go ahead and celebrate North India’s diverse cuisine and culture at this warm and comfortable place!

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