Actress Shefali Shah’s restaurant Jalsa is all about fun dining

The Ahmedabad-based eatery is more than ‘just a restaurant’ and an ‘experience’

28 Dec 2021

Actress Shefali Shah, who’s known for playing an array of strong roles from the investigative cop in Netflix’s Delhi Crime to a doting mother to an auditorily impaired daughter in Netflix’s Ajeeb Daastaans, loves cooking and feeding her family and friends. Her recent dream project is ‘Jalsa’, a lavish theme-based restaurant in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Teaming up with renowned hospitality professional Neha Bassi, this buffet restaurant incorporates Mexican and Mediterranean food, Japanese Teppanyaki and Continental favourites along with desi regional staples. There are 10 live counters serving street foods, pasta and pizzas, momos and desserts.

Shefali’s Instagram feed is filled with photos of her doing up the 7,000-odd sq. ft. place, painting the walls and cooking some of her favourite food. She posted about her passionate venture: “My belief in life is to celebrate life. With an abundance of family, friends, food, fun, music, dance and much more… And JALSA is exactly that! JALSA is not just a restaurant it’s an experience true to its name JALSA SERVES all of the above and more. The good times never end in JALSA, and nor does the food. JALSA is a buffet restaurant that serves up a mix of Indian staples and International fun dining. A carnival of love, laughter, fun, food, games and togetherness.”

The array of Indian and international cuisines on the menu reflects the restaurant’s slogan of ‘come, chill and be’. Here’s looking at three absolute bestsellers from this restaurant, which the actress is fond of.

Chana jor garam

A popular zesty street food, this one’s made with soaked chickpeas. The chickpeas are fried and then flattened into mini discs. Freshly chopped tomatoes, onions, spices and green chutney enhance the flavour of the dish. Mix well and serve with coriander leaves.

Litti chokha

This is a rustic and traditional Bihari dish consisting of stuffed whole wheat dough balls. The stuffing is made with a spiced mix of roasted gram flour or sattu. It is accompanied by chokha, a mashed relish made with roasted brinjals, boiled or roasted potatoes and roasted tomatoes.

Khow suey soup

Khow suey is a noodle soup made with coconut milk and gram flour, which is served with contrasting condiments such as salted peanuts, fried onions, chopped

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