5 places where you can experience the authentic flavours of Malvani cuisine

You will find a lot of fiery and spicy dishes with a hint of coconut but no dish can beat the authentic Konkani food.

06 Mar 2023

Perched right on the western coast of India, Maharashtra is a melting pot of various cultures and food habits. One such unique culinary tradition that comes from the region is Malvani cuisine.

If you love seafood, then Malvani cuisine will be heaven for you. Fiery flavours and dishes characterising this highly popular diet are usually cooked in a kadhi-like gravy with coconut or kokum pulp.

One of my favourites for Konkani food is Mahesh Lunch Home which has built itself into an institution celebrating regional Bombay food and coastal delicacies.”
- Zorawar Kalra (Indian Restaurateur, Food Food Awards, 2022)

From traditional seafood curries to delicious coconut-based dishes, Malvani cuisine is big in Mumbai. Having hit the restaurants and streets in a big way, we give you a lowdown on where you can eat your favourite Malvani delicacies.

Mahesh Lunch Home

Dive into the spectacular flavours with locally sourced, fresh and delicious ingredients. This is where you can sample the finest seafood from the Konkan region and get transported to another world altogether. The ambience is simple and comfortable, which allows you to enjoy the food without any distractions. You can try their signature dishes like pomfret koliwada, crab chilly fry and even prawns rava fry, which are among their bestsellers.

Location: Juhu, Mumbai


A seafood lover’s paradise, Gajalee serves some of the best seafood dishes in Mumbai. The restaurant has multiple outlets across the city, but we recommend visiting their main branch at Vile Parle, where you can enjoy some prawn curry (gassi style) with neer dosa! Their seafood stands out because they use fresh ingredients and don’t overdo it with masalas or spices — this allows you to savour the fish's natural taste without overpowering it with other flavours. One dish that deserves all the adulation is the Special Clams Koshimbir which is cooked in coconut and green masala.

Location: Vile Parle (E), Mumbai


If you want to return to your roots and enjoy some authentic Malvani cuisine, head on to Chaitanya. Their signature dishes include prawns curry, crab lollipops, oysters masala, and other mouth-watering delicacies like baby shark masala, fish thali, and so much more. The menu is extensive and offers a mix of traditional and contemporary dishes. They have a fantastic ambience, excellent food and great service!

Location: Dadar (W), Mumbai

Acharekar’s Malvan Katta

The restaurant serves authentic Konkani cuisine and is often considered a hidden gem. It's one of the best places to eat when looking for something different and unique. Acharekar's Malvan Katta has been a favourite amongst locals for decades. The restaurant serves authentic Konkani food that is mouth-watering and delicious. Apart from their yummy crab lollipops, the chicken thali features tamda and pandhra rassa and chicken sukka.

Location: Dadar (W), Mumbai

Jai Hind lunch home

From spicy to tangy, their Konkani food is a must-try delicacy. This place is all about simplicity and pure flavours. They serve some of the best seafood dishes in Mumbai, with their signature dish being the Surmai thali, along with sol kadi - a blend of coconut juice and kokum. Try out their special thali, which has a variety of dishes from both Mangalorean and Konkan cuisines.

Location: Bandra (W), Mumbai

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