4 fine dining spots to indulge in South Indian delicacies

Make sure you grab a bite of South Indian food from one of these fine dining restaurants in Mumbai.

04 Jan 2023

Mumbai is a food lover's paradise, chockfull of small and big restaurants serving a plethora of cuisines. Not just Mumbaikars, but people from all over the world crave Mumbai's food delectables and diverse gastronomic choices.

Do you love South Indian cuisine? If yes, you must check out these fine dining places in Mumbai. They not only offer scrumptious food but also give an exceptional South Indian experience.

Every aspect of these restaurants is calibrated to create a refined dining environment. With a wide range of delicacies, we believe you will get the variety and quality you seek for any occasion.

South of Vindhyas 

Indian cuisine is a rich, diverse and colourful affair. While there are many regional cuisines with distinct flavours and characteristics, one can find certain common elements in each of them.

You can experience this diversity at South of Vindhyas (SOV), a fine dining restaurant located in Mumbai. The restaurant serves food from five southern states. The concept of this restaurant is to celebrate the culinary heritage of these states by serving authentic local specialities along with some fusion recipes.

You can enjoy a sit-down buffet here. Some of the crowd favourites include Meen (fish) Biriyani, Kozhi Nadan (Chicken) Curry, and Royala Pulusu (prawns), among others.

Tanjore Tiffin Room

This restaurant serves traditional South Indian dishes along with innovative recipes and modern techniques. Their menu includes appams, tamarind-flavoured curries, stews, sundals and more.

Located in the heart of the city, this restaurant is known for its authentic taste and high-quality food. The décor is simple yet elegant, with brass lamps, wooden tables, colourful chairs replete with foilage, and beautiful photographs on the walls, which add life to the space.

Dakshin Coastal by ITC Maratha

Dakshin Coastal is a fine-dining restaurant serving authentic South Indian-style cuisine. With its enticing aromas, beautiful setting, and mouth-watering dishes, you can't visit ITC Maratha without indulging in the lip-smacking fare that Dakshin Coastal has to offer.

Dakshin Coastal fine dining by ITC Maratha is a modern Indian restaurant that captures the essence of traditional Indian cuisine. The restaurant offers an immersive experience with handcrafted vessels, personalised service, and traditional South Indian spirits.  You can indulge in a Pandi roast, a meen jeeri meri or a patchakari stew. And dine out like the royalty you are!

The Konkan cafe

Konkan Café is a fine dining restaurant in Mumbai that serves Konkani cuisine from Alibaug to Udupi region. The owners believe that no matter where you live, you should be able to enjoy simple yet sumptuous delights from back home.

Be prepared to experience a rush of aromas when you enter Konkan Cafe for the first time. Get your taste buds tingling with delicacies like the Kori ghee roast (Mangalorean style), Mappila (Malabari) biryani, and Meen (fish) Manga curry. Experience the robust flavours of the coastline through the Kekda (crab) fry and Thechyacha Jhinga (shrimp).

At Konkan Café, you'll find the finest delicacies that bring out the flavours of Konkani dishes, in a spectacular ambience.

Do you know of any other fine dining restaurants with South Indian cuisine? Let us know in the comments.

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