Turning back the cookware clock

From stone wear to brass, ancient Indian cookware is making a glorious comeback with these brands

28 Jul 2021

We all have that cookware or cutlery set that has been in the family for generations, and it’s no less than an heirloom – one that has since gained trophy status and ends up being passed down to the youngsters. These pieces are of historical significance, having been witness to numerous cultural eras. So, it’s great that they are now finding renewed acceptance among the sustainable and conscious minded, once again. Here are some brands bringing these old treasures back with new-age packaging and enticing narratives.


From stone wear to brass and then some — this brand is trying to create a future world filled with the ‘Guardians of Traditional Wisdom’. By sourcing ancient cookware from clusters that have the ancestral knowledge of crafting them, Zishta is trying to keep traditions alive, revive the forgotten art and generate livelihood for those that practice it.


Bringing ancient knowledge packaged in modern sensibilities with a touch of ethical growth and sustainable mindset, this marketplace-with-a-heart is trying to create a space in our urban lives for these timeless treasures. Furthermore, 10 percent of the proceeds from every purchase goes to fund the education of underprivileged children!

Indus Valley

Bringing cookware inspired by the golden civilisations of the old, this brand is endeavouring to take a holistic approach towards health and lifestyle with authentic, safe and toxin-free cookery. Their products feature cast iron, copper and others that are touted as safe for cooking and food.


Earthen pots, cookware, bottles, even a biryani pot — you name it and you can find it here. Mitticool specialises in clay-based cookware and are passionately pursuing the quest to revive the art by finding ways to incorporate it into urban homes, kitchens and décor items. They are also subtly making people aware of the benefits of using such pots for storage and cooking. SClay it, we say!


This brand’s signature is decadent metallic cookware which is not only great for cooking, but can also become the centrepiece of your dining room. Their motto is to rejuvenate ancient cookware crafts, identify their niche audience and become a bridge between the creators and collectors as “thoughtful curators.”

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