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Mumbaiites, block the date — December 3. Get ready to savour an 8-course meal based on recipes crafted by one of the world’s greatest chefs!

29 Nov 2019

Gelinaz, the international chef collective, is back with the Gelinaz Shuffle.  On December 3, 148 chefs worldwide will swap their recipes for one night. Every restaurant has been assigned an 8-course menu by another undisclosed restaurant. Their names will be revealed only on the day of the event. It means that you could end up eating a menu created by Rene Redzepi, or Alain Ducasse, maybe Vladimir Mukhin or Massimo Bottura, right here at Masque, recreated by Chef Prateek Sadhu and his talented team. You'll find out on December 3rd!

What’s equally exciting is Chef Sadhu’s menu too will be recreated by one of these industry legends at their iconic eateries. One of the only two Indian chefs chosen to participate in the epic culinary experience, Chef Sadhu’s selection for the shuffle is a huge achievement. It is a testament to the success of Masque’s endeavour to put modern Indian food and Indian ingredients on a global platform.

Says Chef Sadhu, “It’s an honour to be recreating the menu crafted by one of these great chefs right here in Mumbai. As a team, we are very excited to discover whose dishes we will be serving and whether we managed to do justice to their vision. It is also a wonderful feeling that another chef somewhere across the world will be serving our specially selected Masque creations, which helps showcase India on a global platform.”

The idea of Gelinaz, as they say, is "domosophism — the art of staying where you belong." At a time when chefs are required to travel constantly, doing pop-ups and takeovers at restaurants all over the world, the shuffle allows them to stay in their own restaurants, their own kitchens, and recreate mystery menus designed by other celebrity chefs. And, patrons get an opportunity to taste food from gourmet chefs from across the world.

The event is for one night only! Book your tickets today!

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