Tableware etiquette that you must know for a fancy dining experience

Do you know the table etiquette for elegant dinners?

28 Sep 2021

Table manners and etiquette are essential as they make the food experience enjoyable. Be it a formal business luncheon or a stylish dinner hosted at an elegant restaurant, simply adhering to some dining etiquette will go a long way to making a favourable impression on your dining companions.

Are you uncertain about the right way to handle that silverware and glassware? Here are some pointers to guide you.


- The glassware is always on the top right side of your plate. Remember this rule to avoid accidentally grabbing your neighbour’s wine.
- Hold wine glasses at the stem to avoid warming the chilled wine.
- Do not juggle the silverware as you attempt to sip your water or beverage. Rest your used cutlery at the edge of your plate before picking up your glassware.
- Avoid clinking your glass with silverware to raise a toast as it might break the glass.


- Make sure to avoid making clanging and scraping noises with your spoons against your plate. If you need to excuse yourself from the table during the meal, rest your cutlery on your plate with the tops touching and the handles apart.


- Before beginning a meal, unfold and place your napkin on your lap. Fold and place it on the left of your plate at the end of the meal.
- Use the dinner napkin to dab at your mouth during the meal. Do not wipe your face or mouth with the napkin.
- Put your dinner napkin on your chair if you need to excuse yourself from the table in the middle of a meal.


- Don’t let the multiple pieces confuse you. Start on the outside and work your way inside. The silverware is placed according to the order of use – from out to in for the first to the last course.
- Stir the soup or stew with a spoon to cool it, do not blow on it.
- Use the knife to cut and the fork to lift your food or transfer it to the spoon. Do not cut your meat using your fork or spoon.
- Do not wave the cutlery around your face. Put your silverware down when you use your hands to gesture while speaking with your fellow diners.
- Don’t grip them like weapons of assault. Hold your knife with your index finger extended along the blade.

Do you know more tableware etiquette that you want to share? Tell us in the comments.

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