Smart tips for home chefs to build a personal brand

What sets home chefs apart is not just the passion but also the efforts invested in building their image.

12 Feb 2021

When the experts in the Indian F&B industry predicted the rise of foodpreneur in the Godrej Food Trends Report 2020 little did they anticipate the lockdown.  Fortunately for the many talented home chefs it paved the way into the world of entrepreneurship.

These entrepreneurial ventures must be sustainable and continue to grow pointed out by Monika Manchanda, a food consultant, culinary writer, baker and culinary trainer and Chief Culinary Officer at Altlife. At the recently-concluded session of Home Chef Matters, Sameer Malkani – co-founder, Food Bloggers Association of India – spoke to Manchanda about the need for ’image building for the success of their food ventures.

Here are some of her easy tips for the budding foodpreneurs.

Leveraging the power of social media

Social media is a powerful and free business tool that can really boost a business if used smartly. Manchanda says that it has become crucial for every home chef to have a presence on social media.

“Make good use of your phone and social media”, she adds.

Make sure that your social media handles are made visible on the packaging to get more reach. It is very important that you are not defensive or aggressive with negative feedback on social media. Be graceful about it and work on the input instead.

Most importantly, the stories and content do not always have to be about yourself but the work instead. For example, if a home chef plans to prepare a fish curry for lunch, it should have interesting details about the shopping, meal prep etc.

Engaging your consumers

Getting followers to engage with your brand is a great way to strengthen your presence.  “Try reaching out to people who are not your customers by sharing recipes or little tips and hacks that you use or giving away some prizes for online competitions. Also, put some thought while naming your brand and dishes – do not make it complicated while you try to come up with interesting names for your products,” she says.

A strong brand is one that stands out in the crowd — and gains more sales, increased awareness and better customer experiences. “Your brand doesn't have to be limited to the area that you supply. Create content that can forge a connection with the audience in other cities too. Have a unique identity and talk about your unique selling points such as the ingredients and techniques you use, what makes your product different, etc. Educate your audience to build your brand by sharing more of your work,” she adds.

Transforming loyal consumers into your brand advocates

A personalised product is more fulfilling to any customer. Adding some personal small touches can make all the difference to the customers and help in relationship building. Manchanda says that even a positive handwritten note telling the best way to experience the food or some facts about the food gives your product the feel of personalisation.

In order to nurture brand loyalty and establish long-term relationships with customers, try telling stories about your culinary journey through your products.

“You and your brand are the same when it comes to home chefs and home bakers. Your content needs to reflect what you are, what you think and of course, your work,” she says.

Do you have any more tips to build your own brand? Share in the comments below.


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