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New ingredient driven spaces are offering a whole range of experiences for the passionate food connoisseurs

30 Aug 2023

From enjoying a seven-course royal Malwan meal to participating in an elaborate wine tasting, experimental food spaces today offer a range of unique experiences.

These spaces are opening their doors to renowned chefs and giving them a platform to plate up inventive menus. These establishments are inviting both chefs and culinary artists to explore the art form and learn. “Restaurants are looking for specialists to host collaborative pop-ups. Home chefs and food researchers fit the bill. They get an opportunity to share their expertise. And restaurants get visibility and promotion, making it a win-win for all. I see this on the rise in 2023!” says Sadaf Hussain author and chef.

As outlined in the Godrej Food Trends Report 2023, diners of 2023 will have a staggering variety of new concepts to pick from. A significant majority, comprising over three-fourths of the panel, identifies the emergence of the "travelling restaurant/bar" trend, where chefs, mixologists, and restaurants establish temporary establishments in different cities, as the foremost trend of 2023. Additionally, 41% of the panel anticipates a rise in pop-ups both within homes and restaurants.

Let’s explore some experimental spaces in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru.


The Masque Lab in Mumbai, Mahalaxmi, was curated by Chef Prateek Sadhu and Aditi Dugar, with the primary focus of research. The space not only hosts pop-ups with chefs such as Varun Totlani but also conducts workshops for curious cooks. A private dining space seats 12 guests, allowing them to observe the cooking process of the chefs, and a freestyle kitchen invites chefs every month to bring their ideas to life! The Living Room is also a space run by the team, offering chefs the opportunity to create technique-driven cocktails. Masque, the restaurant, also provides a unique 10-course tasting meal to its visitors, which evolves every season!

Some other unique spaces offering experimental dining experiences are The Good Food Lab in Mahim and the Magazine Street Kitchen in Byculla. Both spaces offer a wide variety of services including private dinners, incubation platforms for chefs, pop-ups and insightful workshops.


At Bengaluru’s FarmLore, the menu changes almost every day, depending on the ingredients that capture the chef’s interest. What’s more, the three chefs don’t have to venture too far looking for ingredients or inspirations; the restaurant is located right on a farm where the produce is grown. Carefully cultivated produce and other livestock influence the flavours of this harvest-driven restaurant. Traditional and modern techniques and flavours intermingle in this experimental restaurant, offering visitors a chance to taste earthy yet unique flavours.


The Culinary Lab in Delhi hosts private dinners, training sessions, and pop-ups with noted national as well as global chefs. The space is the only one on this list that also offers boutique catering services. Moreover, The Culinary Lab prioritizes the use of fresh and wholesome ingredients, valuing their harmonious combination to create delectable dishes over fancy presentations. Head on here if you’re looking for local, seasonal, sustainable, and South-Asian food that ‘promotes healing’.

Do you know some other experimental food spaces in India? Let us know in the comments.

For more information, check out the full GFTR 2023 here.

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