India’s desserts shine on the global stage

India’s delectable desserts have achieved global recognition on Taste Atlas, securing spots for six of its dessert establishments in the prestigious "World's 150 Most Legendary Dessert Places" list

01 Nov 2023

India's culinary fame transcends its well-known masalas. Despite the world’s predominant association with the country’s spiced curries, Taste Atlas, a prominent travel and food guide, has duly recognised India for its delightful and diverse dessert options. Six outstanding establishments have secured coveted spots on the prestigious "World’s 150 Most Legendary Dessert Places” list, encompassing destinations from Pune to Kolkata. Whether you’re a seasoned food enthusiast or new to the scene, here’s a look at the essential venues to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Kayani Bakery, Pune

Securing the 18th position, this renowned bakery traces its roots back to 1955. Founded by the Irani brothers Hormazdiar and Rustom Kayani, who ventured to India in pursuit of improved prospects, the bakery has achieved iconic status. Don’t miss the chance to savour their legendary offerings, including the Mawa cake, Madeira cake, Shrewsbury biscuits, and pound cake.

K.C. Das, Kolkata

Occupying the 25th position is the iconic sweet shop of Kolkata, which has been serving sweet connoisseurs since 1930. It is widely believed that Nobin Chandra Das, the father of Krishna Chandra Das, is the creator of the classic rasgullas. If you ever find yourself in the "City of Joy," make a beeline for K.C. Das to taste the softest rasgullas, along with other Bengali favourites such as mishti doi and chamcham.

Flury’s, Kolkata

Another iconic establishment, securing the 26th place, is Flury's, a cherished institution dating back to 1927. Originally a tearoom catering to British patrons, Flury’s has evolved into a favourite breakfast destination for Kolkata’s culinary enthusiasts. Its nostalgic ambiance is especially enchanting during the Christmas season, drawing thousands of visitors. When you visit, be sure to indulge in their delectable rum balls and the classic English breakfast. Try their various cookies and cakes, such as the Black Forest Cake and the Swiss Roll.

Karachi Bakery, Hyderabad

Known for its iconic Osmania biscuits, this legendary bakery claims the 29th position on this list. Founded in 1953, the bakery’s origins trace back to Khanchand Ramnani’s migration from Karachi to Hyderabad during the partition. Remarkably, Karachi Bakery remains unwavering in preserving its original flavours. While it has expanded its presence to several major cities, the original establishment in Hyderabad’s Mozamjahi market continues to evoke a strong sense of nostalgia.

Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick, Kolkata

Ranked at the 37th spot, this sweet shop holds a special place in Kolkata. Established by Ganesh Chandra Mullick in 1885, this revered establishment has even seen the likes of revolutionaries Subhash Chandra Bose and Ashutosh Mukherjee walk through its doors. Having learnt the skill of sweet making on the job, Ganesh spent months researching the idea of opening his own shop. He was finally able to find a 450-sq ft space on rent at Bhowanipore (south Kolkata) in 1885 and set up a sweet shop. After Ganesh, his brother Balaram Mullick and his son Radharaman Mullick took over the reins.

While you can and should indulge in all their classic offerings, don’t miss the chance to savour their exceptional baked rasgullas.

K. Rustom & Co., Mumbai

Established by Khodabux Rustom Irani in 1953, this iconic establishment in South Mumbai is adored for its classic ice cream creations and delightful ice cream sandwiches (ice cream served between two wafers). It’s a worthwhile visit, considering its 49th place on the list. Every nook and cranny of this place exudes nostalgia, and the flavours are no exception. The ice creams are made in-house using traditional recipes and methods, ensuring the flavours remain authentic and true to their heritage. While each option is delectable, don’t miss the Toffee Crunch, Roasted Almond Crunch, Walnut Crunch and Kesar Pista flavours.

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