Indian Accent: Bringing Delhi’s culinary artistry to Mumbai

With a rich tapestry of flavours and a reputation for redefining Indian cuisine, this revered restaurant brings the essence of Delhi’s culinary artistry to the shores of Mumbai

01 Nov 2023

When chef Manish Mehrotra and restaurateur Rohit Khattar embarked on the journey of opening Indian Accent in New Delhi back in 2009, little did they anticipate the culinary revolution they would spark. Their venture introduced innovative Indian cuisine, ingeniously marrying traditional flavours with global ingredients and cutting-edge techniques, a formidable challenge, particularly in a city like Delhi, where a deep-seated passion for North Indian cuisine runs high.

Over time, they accomplished the seemingly impossible. As patrons gradually embraced experimentation, Indian Accent emerged as a trailblazer in the fine dining landscape. The restaurant has consistently upheld its commitment to delivering an unparalleled dining experience, which has not only sustained its reputation but also secured its place on the prestigious list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants for an impressive ten consecutive years.

The restaurant also has an outpost in New York since 2016. And now, Indian Accent has finally come to start its new chapter in Mumbai at the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre (NMACC). The 75-seater restaurant opens its doors to a stellar walkway flanked by two private dining rooms on either side.

At Indian Accent Mumbai, the kitchen is under the adept leadership of Head Chef Rijul Gulati, who brings with him eight years of culinary experience gained under the expert guidance of Chef Mehrotra. While the menu proudly showcases iconic crowd favourites, it also incorporates an expanded selection of seafood and vegetarian options, thoughtfully curated to align with the dining preferences of the city and the availability of seasonal produce.

Food plays an integral role in Indian Accent. However, it’s impossible to sideline the Jazz- inspired ambience of the restaurant. London-based Russell Sage Studio worked in collaboration with EHV’s Design Director Rohini Kapur and Director Development Vikas Bhasin for the interiors.

Here's a look at the must-try dishes at this restaurant.

Daulat ki chaat

This North Indian street food classic gets a luxurious makeover at Indian Accent in the hands of chef Mehrotra. Light as air and wonderfully creamy, it’s a dessert that melts in your mouth. Imagine a frothy cloud of saffron-infused milk foam, adorned with pistachios, rose petals, and edible gold. Chef Mehrotra, renowned for transforming this winter specialty into a year-round dessert through the ingenious utilisation of nitrogen and a precise milk and cream blend that consistently delivers the desired outcome, openly admits that his adaptation, while widely appreciated, remains merely a near likeness of the authentic marvel.

Blue cheese naan

A signature dish at this popular restaurant, this inventive fusion preparation combines the sharpness of blue cheese with the delicate flavour of naan. After numerous experiments, Mehrotra struck culinary gold by balancing the pungency of blue cheese with the subtle dough that envelops his signature bread. The magic lies in its success, as blue cheese presents an unexpected and distinctive flavour for an Indian menu.

Anar churan kulfi sorbet

This delightful sorbet combines the tangy goodness of pomegranate (anar) with the sweet and spicy notes of churan, a popular Indian digestive. The result is a palate-cleansing treat that prepares you for the culinary adventures that lie ahead. It is served in an adorable mini pressure cooker and is nostalgia at its best!

Kashmiri morel musallum

The morels are usually soaked in water to rehydrate them before cooking. The creamy gravy is typically made from a blend of aromatic spices like cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon, which are toasted and ground to create a fragrant spice mix. The dish is served with roasted walnuts and garnished with parmesan papad. Kashmiri morel mussallam is a delicacy that exemplifies the rich culinary traditions of the Kashmir Valley and is enjoyed as a special treat on festive occasions.

Doda burfi treacle tart

For a sweet finish, indulge in the delightful Doda Burfi Treacle Tart. This dessert has been cherished by diners and has occupied a unique spot on the Indian Accent menu since the restaurant’s very beginning. Doda Burfi, a classic Indian sweet, is crafted from a blend of milk, cream, and generous portions of ghee (clarified butter). Traditionally prepared during festivals and celebratory occasions, it embodies the essence of Indian confectionery. Imagine the harmonious fusion of Doda Burfi with the quintessentially British Treacle Tart, served alongside a scoop of velvety Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

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