Wild Asparagus Table-A British Picnic

This video was created to showcase the food and the company we enjoyed during our potluck on 20th March 2021. We met at our friend's house and everybody had cooked the most delicious and authentic food of London

22 Mar 2021
Photo by: Pushpa Moorjani

Before the Pandemic, we met every month at Wild Asparagus Table. We explored the international cuisine, studying and researching  the food and culture of that region. We explored virtually and each one of us would prepare one dish and we would enjoy the.most exclusive cuisine that could never be available at any restaurant in Mumbai.

But Pandemic put a pause to our fun.

But now, we are back....

This time..the invitation was fastest finger first on watsapp group of wild asparagus table for members who are active on the group and the seats were limited to just 10 member during this Pandemic period..narrowing down the group with diners who would actually prepare the meals and share.

So potluck it is... after an year of lockdown..we finally ventured out.

Looking at the menu, anybody would drool. Such variety of British picnic food within enclosed gates of Shilpa's house in Wadala within the gated colony that had password to enter and we were transported to a complete new world...London..did I say that...well foreign it ..an afternnon of food and fun..

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