The magical world of food museums

Heaven for food lovers, food museums from across the world are a treat not just for the taste buds

16 Nov 2021

Imagine standing in a room, walls awash in pink, with a dozen giant donuts hanging from the roof. Or, jumping into a pool full of giant ice cream sprinkles.

These are not merely fantasies. Such places do exist. We’re talking about museums which offer immersive experiences for food lovers of all kinds. Whether, its candy you love, or ramen noodles, some of these museums love it as much as you.

Don’t believe us, keep reading to find out more about some of the most exciting food museums.

Museum of Ice cream

This beautiful place not only makes for an exciting entry on to your bucket list but also a perfect social media update thanks to the beautifully curated, colour blocked interiors. Located in the US and Singapore, the museum offers a fantastic experience for ice-cream lovers. The interiors are replete with giant ice-cream and ice cream related installations painted in pop colours, and designed carefully to impart an exciting and youthful energy. The favourite ice cream topping — sprinkles — gets a wonderful dedication here as visitors can slide or jump into their beautiful sprinkle pool.

The museum also informs visitors of the history of this wonderful dessert, while offering a host of different ice cream combinations such as cinnamon and churros, peanut butter and pretzel, English toffee and honey etc.

The Frietmuseum

The Belgians have long contested the origins of the ‘French’ fries, so much so that they have also filed a petition to UNESCO to officially grant them the tag of the creators of these delicious potato fries. Here at the Frietmuseum, an entire floor is dedicated to the history of this delicious comfort snack, which according to the museum, dates back 4000 years. Apart from installations, you can also treat yourself to authentic Belgium fries!

The Dessert Museum

The Dessert Museum in the Philippines is must for all those with a sweet tooth. This museum boasts of eight different rooms, each dedicated to a particular type of dessert. From doughnuts to boba teas and from marshmallows to cake pops, there’s something for nearly every kind of dessert lover. Each room offers an exciting immersive experience — frolic in the giant gumball machine or get your fortune told by a giant fortune cookie in the ‘Bewitched Bakery’. Eat curated desserts and take home cute souvenirs from this magnificent museum.

Cup Noodles Museum

Located in Japan, this museum is dedicated to Momofuku Ando’s tireless efforts towards inventing instant ramen noodles, and the traveller’s delight — the cup noodles. A gigantic wall traces the dishes’ rich history, while an ‘instant noodles tunnel’ creatively depicts approximately 800 product packages of brands from across the world. Amongst other exciting cooking experiments, a visitor can also take part in the chicken ramen making workshop where they can cook the noodles from scratch.

The Chocolate Museum

The Museu de la Xocolata or the Chocolate Museum in Barcelona, aims to expand people’s knowledge about chocolate while providing a visual and sensory experience which helps them explore the ingredient to the fullest. This is achieved by a range of engagements such as a cafeteria where visitors can taste different types of chocolates (hot and cold) and desserts. A facilitator then explains the complete journey of chocolate, right from how a cocoa bean is grown to the way the sweet treat is manufactured. Visitors can also take a look at different machinery which are used to make chocolate. The museum is a treat for chocolate lovers, since they not only get to indulge in different flavoured chocolates but also get to make interesting dishes!

There is a slight chance these suggestions might have left you craving a snack, but wouldn’t you rather know about these mind-boggling destinations?

Do you know of any more such exciting food museums? Tell us in the comments section below.

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