My experience at Ophelia Lounge

Ophelia Lounge is in Goregoan, Mumbai. I visited this place for dinner with friends and here I will share my expeirence.

11 Jul 2022

Ophelia lounge is in Goregaon west near Inorbit mall. This is a beautiful lounge in Mumbai. They have such a beautiful ambiance that is so eye-catching. A beautiful and vibrant ambiance with a huge bar counter is a perfect place for the party. Their staff is very humble and well trained they did a quite amazing job in service. Proper precaution is being followed. At the entrance, the temperature is being checked, hands are being sanitized. They also arrange live music, Dj, candlelight dinner for their customers. Phelia lounge also serves sheesha. Sounds perfect right? Live music, Sheesha, Favourite drink, delicious food with your loved ones!!
I would highly recommend you to visit the Ophelia lounge and try out their amazing services and delicious food.


I have tried a few items from their menu :
1) Dark Orgasm: It was a chocolate milkshake thick and perfect amount of sweet was balanced with chocolate
2) Sheela Jeet: This was a thick milkshake that had a taste of peanut beautifully presented.
1) Jalapeno Poppers: Deep-fried fitters with jalapeno filling and a huge chunk of cheese in it served with mayo and tomato sauce.
2) Chicken Lollipop: What should I say about this? If you are having alcohol then do try their huge chicken lollipop a perfect evening will be set!
1) Spaghetti Aglio-Olio
Al-Pacino (VEG): THis was my first time when I tried Spaghetti and I love it. It was tossed with olive oil, Crushed with Hot red Pepper. Garlic and Parmigiano.
2) Indian Twist Pizza: Thin crust pizza served warm with lots and lots of veggies on top with Indian flavors. This pizza also has chunks of paneer. Vegetarians can try this one.
Sizzling Brownie with Vanilla Icecream: This is a classic dessert I have tried this at many places overall I will say it was really good.

Taste: 5/5
Quality & Quantity : 4/5
Ambiance: 5/5
Service: 5/5

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