Tricks to make the perfect fried chicken

How to achieve tender, juicy and crispy chicken? Read on to know

17 Aug 2021

We all get a hankering for some fried chicken from time to time, don’t we? One of the simplest ways to fix yourself some delicious fried chicken is to grab some Godrej Yummiez Chicken Nuggets or Chicken Popcorn and fry them to golden, crunchy perfection.

If you are more of a DIY person, you also can make it from scratch in your kitchen. But are you perhaps afraid that it wouldn’t turn out exactly as you want it? We have some tips and tricks for you to make the perfect homemade fried chicken. Give them a try and get ready to crunch away to bliss!

Choose the right cut

Chicken legs and thighs are perfect for making fried chicken. They are the tenderest cuts of the bird that can give you a great combination of crunchiness outside and juiciness inside.

The right marination

The marinade is a crucial part of the recipe. Do not skip the marination time. The marinade tenderises and flavours the chicken pieces. Use buttermilk and a mix of spices to marinate your chicken for at least three hours before coating/crumbing and frying them. Customise the spices as per your preference.

Dry mix

It can be made with all-purpose flour mixed with a few spices. But you have the option of choosing breadcrumbs, whole wheat flour and semolina. Add enough salt and pepper, a few pinches of oregano, thyme and onion flakes, garlic powder, and a hint of chilli powder to your dry mix.

Get a crunchy crust

This is something that many fried chicken outlets won’t tell you, but double coating your chicken is a trick to ensure a crunchy crust. Just roll the marinated chicken in your dry mix, dip it in the marinade, and back into the flour again. Put some good pressure while pressing the dry mix onto the chicken. This will ensure a firm coating that stays well. Also, don’t let the coat dry out – do it right before frying your chicken.

Getting to the golden-brown perfection point

The oil needs to be searing hot before you put in that first piece of crumbed chicken. Also, make sure you use a neutral-tasting oil with a high smoking point. Vegetable oil, sunflower oil and peanut oil are popular choices for frying chicken. Also, do not crowd your cooking pan – leave some room by frying the chicken in small batches.

Put those paper towels away

Do not make the mistake of using paper towels to soak up excess fat. This would only reduce the crispiness and waste your efforts to achieve the crunchiness. You can instead drain your chicken on a wire tray or a tilted baking sheet.

Do you have any more tips to make delicious fried chicken at home? Tell us in the comments.

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