Top 5 traditional foods of Diwali

Most Indians love to enjoy the taste of traditional delicacies during Diwali. The sweets and savouries are a delight during this festival.

20 Oct 2022

While many Indians across the globe are busy shopping for Diwali essentials, very few pay attention to the significance of the traditional foods that make up their festive platters. There are many traditional foods eaten during Diwali.

Many of them are lavishly prepared in ghee and are a must-have during the festive occasion. Ghee became a part of Diwali rituals in Vedic times and has remained so.

"Ghee and its benefits are also being rediscovered, especially traditional cultured ghee, considered ideal for its flavour and medicinal properties."

-Godrej Food Trends Report, 2022

So, today we will tell you about some of the top 5 traditional foods eaten during Diwali.


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Murukkus are small, round, deep-fried snacks made from rice flour, sugar, and coconut oil. They are usually made into circles depending on their size and sold in colourful boxes during the Diwali season. Some murukkus are flavoured with cumin seeds or other spices, while others have sesame seeds pressed into them before frying.

Til Paak

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It consists of til (sesame seeds) cooked in ghee along with jaggery syrup and spices like cinnamon powder and cardamom powder for taste. These sesame seeds are usually roasted before cooking them with other ingredients to give them an extra crunchy texture.


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It is one of the most popular snacks in Maharashtra and Gujarat. It is made of gram flour batter, and it's usually deep-fried in oil. Bhakarwadi has many variants, some with sesame, cashew nuts and others with stuffing made from different layers. This is a must-have during Diwali celebrations.

Khasta Mathri

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These crispy lentil wafers are made from lentils and rice flour roasted in ghee until they turn golden brown and crispy. They are then rolled into flat circles before serving! These crispy wafers pair well with any sweet dish or can be enjoyed by themselves for an evening snack!


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This is a sweet dish made with flour, sugar and ghee. It is also called 'mawa namakpare' or 'nariyal namak pare'. The dish is made by mixing flour with ghee and sugar to make tiny balls fried in oil until they turn golden brown. The balls are soaked in sugar syrup until they are thoroughly soaked.

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