Seven tips to maximise space and storage in a small kitchen

Working in small kitchens is something most of us have got used to. While it can get challenging to organise cramped spaces, there are ways to get around this. Check out these easy and creative ways to optimise tiny kitchen space.

08 Sep 2017

1. Plan smartly

Planning is the first step to furnishing your kitchen well. If done smartly, it can prove crucial to getting your dream kitchen within your budget. Ronitaa Italia-Dhanu, Editor, Good Homes India, says that while storage is a priority in most kitchens, it needs thoughtful planning in tighter spaces. Some of her top tips include suspended hooks from the ceiling to hang larger heavier pots and pans that would otherwise take up unnecessary space in the cupboards; utilising organisers, space dividers and corner solutions to make the most of inner cabinet areas; and keeping all counters empty for prepping and cooking. She adds that a small breakfast table with drawers under it can also stand in as additional work space. This has been included in some of the smaller kitchens that she has helped her readers plan.

2. Don’t waste unused space / Utilise unused spaces

There’s a wealth of unused space that can be converted into storage, if you know how to do so. Ronitaa suggests using the back-splash under the upper cabinetry for open shelving and hanging oft-used things like spices and cooking ladles. Wall mounted storage means convenience plus ease of access is guaranteed! You can also use the sides of cabinets to hang pots and pans, ladles, kitchen towels or even spice racks. Another trend in kitchen furnishing is using innovative corner units which give you that extra bit of space.

3. Go vertical

Every inch of kitchen area is precious (not to mention pricey), which is why using it smartly is the answer to a space crunch. Lalitesh Mandrekar, a designer at Godrej Interio suggests opting for larder units which offer vertical storage in modular kitchens. These are in vogue and can also help make use of narrow strips of wall which might have not been utilised otherwise.

4. Open shelves?

Open shelves aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but they offer various advantages: they are inexpensive (as compared to buying or getting cabinets made), they look trendy, and provide ease of access to frequently used items. The biggest benefit though is that open shelves can open up a cramped kitchen and make it look more spacious.

5. Frosted glass cabinets

If you still aren’t convinced at the thought of open shelves, you can opt for cabinets with frosted glass doors. Not only does this appear classy and provide more storage, but can also lend an element of openness and depth to a small kitchen.

6. Keeping the space light and bright

One easy way to make your kitchen look bigger and brighter is to paint it shades of white, yellow, cream or gray. These light and versatile colours also easily lend themselves to a variety of nifty kitchen décor ideas.

7. Ditch the knife block

Free up precious counter space by ditching the knife block. Use magnetic strips on the walls to keep your knives organised (or not). Ladles, pot lids, scissors, food processor blades and spice jars with metal tops are just some of the other kitchen equipment it can store.

What are some hacks you’ve used for your kitchen? Share it with us below!