Love curries? These Malayali curries won’t disappoint

Malayali cuisine is known for its wholesome coconut-flavoured curries cooked with a range of veggies and meat

27 Apr 2023

There is a lot more to Malayali curries than the usual stew. With a wide range of vegetables and meats, such as prawns and fish, there are endless variations to explore. While coconut is a staple ingredient, there are lesser-known options like the cauliflower stew that offer a refreshing twist on traditional Malayalam cuisine.

So, keep reading to uncover some hidden gems and lesser-known Malayalam recipes that are sure to excite your taste buds!

Unakka Chemmeen Thakkali Curry

To make this wholesome tomato and prawns curry, add dried prawns and grated coconut in a pan. Next add water along with spices such as coriander and chilli powder, followed by tomatoes, green chillies, ginger paste and curry leaves. This delectable curry derives its taste from the tomatoes and is best enjoyed with a warm bowl of rice.

CheruPayaru Stew (Mung Bean Stew)

Made with moong dal, this curry can also be enjoyed with some puttu. Ground cumin seeds, green chilli, and coconut into a paste. Add water in a kadhai, along with the coconut milk. Finally, add the cooked moong dal for the perfect mung bean curry.

Cauliflower masala kurma

The cauliflower kurma recipe also goes well with roti or parantha! Add red chilli powder, haldi, cumin powder, and ginger-garlic paste along with pureed tomato in a pan. Next, add the coconut milk along with the cauliflower florets. Garnish your curry with some grated coconut and you have yourself a cauliflower kurma!

Nadan kozhi curry

This spicy curry is perfect if you love chicken curries. Marinate the chicken in some garam masala, chilli powder and haldi. Next, create a paste with roasted spices such as coriander seeds, cloves, cardamom, pepper and red chillies. Add it to a wok with the chicken. Next, add the coconut milk. You can also add some chopped onions to your curry!

Kerala fish curry

The fish, a favourite option for curries down south, is first marinated in haldi, lime juice, and salt. It is then fried in some coconut oil. Next, fry some onions, ginger and garlic in a pan, and add the coconut milk. Add the pieces of fish, and reduce the thickness of the curry by adding some water. To the curry, you can add a host of spices to have a more lip-smacking experience!

Curries are the perfect comfort food, for they bring together the wholesomeness of our favourite veggies or meat, and rice! The spices make the experience even more delectable!

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