Five easy ways to reduce plastic in your kitchen

If you’re looking to reduce the use of plastic in your kitchen or even convert it into a no-plastic space, here are some hacks that can help make the switch easier.

25 Mar 2021

A major trend that was seen last year was adopting an environmentally conscious lifestyle and focusing on the things that mattered to us. According to the Godrej Food Trends Report 2021, some of the things that came up were personal and family health, immunity and our impact on the environment. Thus, in 2021, people will make mindful choices around health for themselves and the environment. One such choice will be to reduce plastic usage in the kitchen. While it might seem daunting initially, it isn’t really that challenging, if you go about it step by step. Here are five easy hacks on how to kick-start your journey to a no-plastic kitchen.

To serve

Coconut shell bowls

Dry coconut shells can be transformed into gorgeous, rustic-looking bowls. Depending on how they are treated and cured, each bowl usually has its own unique shape and design. Get a few of these if you’re looking for an alternate to melamine or delicate glassware. Bonus advantage: They can be used as props for pictures for your Insta feed, if you like!

To clean up

Eco-friendly dish scrubbers

Did you know that you should be replacing your dishwashing scrub every two weeks or at least once a month? In a 2017 study published in Scientific Reports, German researchers found a high amount of bacteria on kitchen sponges. But following this can lead to a lot of plastic waste. The solution? Scrubbers made of coconut coir that are biodegradable, non-toxic and can be used to clean a variety of surfaces.

To store

Bamboo baskets

Ditch those plastic baskets to store fruits and veggies and get some sturdy bamboo baskets instead. If you get the baskets with lids, you can even use them to store chapatis, bread or snacks. These bamboo baskets can also double up as steamers for momos or veggies.

Beeswax wrap

Clingfilm is usually a go-to when we want to store chapatis, sandwiches, bread, or even half- eaten fruits or veggies. If you’re looking at easing it out of your kitchen, opt for beeswax wraps instead. This help preserve food, can be washed with water and reused several times. Food-safe beeswax wraps also come in a variety of colours and beautiful patterns.

Earthen pots

Traditional terracotta cookware is making a comeback, so why not introduce the humble matka or earthen pot to your kitchen? Those who have grown up drinking water stored in a matka swear by the unique flavour it imparts to the liquid and how it chills it naturally. The pot can also last for years when handled properly. So, swap those plastic water bottles for an earthen pot or even steel bottles if you prefer something hardy.

Are there any other hacks you can think of to reduce plastic in a kitchen? Share your tips with us.

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