Healthy Mushroom Wraps in Spinach Sauce

If you are looking to cook something different, how about baking a wholesome mushroom wraps in spinach sauce?

31 Mar 2020

  • 15
    Prep time
  • 30
    Cooking time
  • 3


Plain flour 0.75 cup/s
Milk 1 cup/s
Salt 0.5 teaspoon/s (tsp)
Pepper 0.25 teaspoon/s (tsp)
Baking powder 1 pinch
Oil 1.5 tablespoon/s (tbsp)
Onion - chopped 1 piece/s
Mushrooms 1 cup/s
Cabbage - chopped 2 tablespoon/s (tbsp)
Ginger-garlic paste 0.5 tablespoon/s (tbsp)
Green chilli - chopped 1 piece/s
Salt 0.25 tablespoon/s (tbsp)
Pepper to taste
cube grated cheese 4 tablespoon/s (tbsp)
Godrej Rice Bran oil 2 tablespoon/s (tbsp)
Maida 2 tablespoon/s (tbsp)
Spinach - chopped 1.5 cup/s
Milk 2.5 cup/s
Salt and pepper to taste
Tomato sauce 1 tablespoon/s (tbsp)
Tabasco 1 teaspoon/s (tsp)
Cheese 4 tablespoon/s (tbsp)


Mix maida, salt, pepper and baking powder. Add milk and make a dough .Rest it for 10 minutes. Roll small rotis and lightly roast it on both sides. Keep it aside.

For filling, heat 11/2 tablespoons of oil. Add onions and cook till it turns soft. Add mushrooms and cook further for three minutes. Add green chillies and ginger garlic paste. Mix well and add cabbage, stir fry for two minutes and add salt and pepper to taste. Remove from fire and add cheese. Keep aside.

For sauce, heat two tablespoon oil and add spinach. Stir it for a while until the water dries. Add maida and cook for a minute. Add milk and stir continuously until it boils. Next add salt and pepper to taste. Simmer on low heat for three to four minutes to get pouring sauce which coats the spoon. Remove from heat.

Take the cooked rotis and put 2 spoonsful of filling, on the edge spread lightly tomato and tabasco sauce, mix and seal them. 

Now take a serving dish. Pour 1/4 sauce and arrange all the filled rotis over it. Spread the remaining sauce over it and cover it completely. Grate cheese over it. Bake it for 10 to 12 minutes at 200°C.

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