Find out how to grow your own vegetables

If you have ever wanted to learn the basics of farming, check out this week-long course at the Smell of the Earth Farm near Santiniketan

22 Feb 2020

Would you like to grow your own vegetables but don’t know where to start? Or do you have a green thumb, but would like to learn to farm sustainably? The owners of Smell of the Earth, a small-scale farm near Santiniketan have a solution. For a nominal sum, Aparajita Sengupta and Debal Mazumder are offering a hands-on, week-long course in ecological farming.

The seven-day course will be held from 29th February to 6th March 2020. Participants can learn the basics of natural farming, urban gardening, water management, growing vegetables, composting, etc. Also included are sessions on planting, harvesting, perennial tree planting and permaculture, all geared towards meeting the food needs of a nuclear family. The course is designed for people who are interested in sustainable living models, grow their own fruits and vegetables in urban or rural settings, and/or want to get a taste of hands-on natural farming techniques. 

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