Godrej Appliances launches new InstaChef app

Many of us use the microwave oven just for reheating food or defrosting meat whereas a lot more is possible. The new Godrej InstaChef app aims to change all that and help people cook like chefs with the touch of a button.

18 Mar 2016

How often have you thought that it would be wonderful if you could use your microwave oven to cook what you wanted without having to worry about whether the recipe instructions will suit your model? To make cooking less of a chore, the Godrej InstaChef mobile app provides users with their favourite recipes at their fingertips.

The user-friendly app consists of an easy toggle menu with recipes customised as per the user’s microwave oven model. The innovative app also figures out recipes with ingredients that the user has. All in all, it makes cooking faster and easier.

Kamal Nandi, Business Head, Godrej Appliances, launched the application at Vikhroli Cucina Season 2. The launch was followed by an exciting competition where three lucky contestants got to don the chef’s apron and rustle up delicious chocolate and lemon mug cakes in a matter of minutes with the help of the Godrej InstaChef app. Chef Rakhee Vaswani was the compère for the session and added her touch of magic to it.

Watch Mr Nandi share his thoughts on Godrej InstaChef as well as the amazing platform that Vikhroli Cucina has become for food aficionados.