Shvetha Jaishankar’s smart food swaps to look gorgeous and lead a healthy life

Eating healthy despite our busy schedules is one of the biggest concerns nearly everyone has today. But it isn’t that difficult to get on the right track to living a healthier life. And who would know better than Shvetha Jaishankar, former Miss India International ’98 and now author of ‘Gorgeous: Eat Well, Look Great’? Vikhroli Cucina recently caught up with Shvetha at L’affaire Vikhroli where she dished out some healthy swaps for everyday “unhealthy” ingredients. Read on to find out more

02 May 2017

Processed sugar

Processed or refined sugar manages to creep into a lot of things that we consume. Whether it’s our morning cuppa, breakfast of cornflakes or jam and toast or even the after-meal dessert, we land up having a lot of processed sugar without even realising it. But if you can’t live without something sweet every day, what do you do?

Swap it with: Palm sugar or fruits
Palm sugar is unrefined sugar made from the sap present in flower buds of the coconut palm tree. Since it is not chemically treated, it retains its nutritive value, unlike refined white sugar.

Another option is to eat fruits (which are naturally sweet) in moderation.


Julia Child once said, “There’s no such thing as too much butter.” And while most of us agree with it, we can’t really afford to eat too much butter for obvious reasons. After all you don’t want your cholesterol levels to go off the charts, do you?

Swap it with: Ghee (clarified butter),  unsalted butter or homemade butter

Unsalted butter, ghee  and homemade butter are relatively healthier options.


White rice has a high glycemic index. In short, this means it releases sugar quickly which gets absorbed into your blood stream. This causes a sudden spike in your blood sugar level.

Swap it with: Red rice and semi-brown rice

Red rice and semi-brown rice have a low glycemic index. The body takes more time to digest these varieties, releasing the sugar slowly, which leads to a gradual increase in your blood sugar level. Now you know which rice to buy!


Think of cakes, breads, naans or even those bhature you relish with spicy chole. The main ingredient in all those tasty delights is maida or all-purpose flour. But did you know it is bleached and finely milled wheat? Maida doesn’t boast of much nutrition because it is made from the starchy part of the grain.

Swap it with: Wholewheat flour

Skip maida and use humble atta or wholewheat flour. If you can’t think of doing this, simply eat all those calorie-laden treats in moderation.

Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with Shvetha Jaishankar where she talks about her latest book.