How To Detect Adulteration Of Food ( Asafoetida) with easy steps at home as per FSSAI standards

In the uploaded video i am sharing ,how to detect food adulteration happening in asafoetida (hing) which we generally purchase from the market .There is all food science which is mentioned in the video and no magic .This particular test method is also confirmed by FSSAI .Asafoetida is generally adulterated with detergent powder ,chalk powder ,POP and we really dont know what are we consuming .So here is a small effort to bring awareness on the same .

22 Mar 2021



Food is essential for sustenance of life & "Adulteration Of Food" deceives the consumer and can cause risk to their health and as per the recent statistics wrt food adulteration, the percentage of food adulteration is really high ,we really are unaware of what we are consuming at regular intervals and being a food technologist bringing awareness among people on such topics is what my effort is and also to make people aware about the hazards(food adulteration) and how to easily determine at home (as per the FSSAI guidelines) whether the foodstuffs that we have purchased from the market is really good for our consumption or is adulterated with unwanted foreign particles which can also lead to health hazard like cancer .
Here we are talking about asafoetida (hing) besides asafoetida there are various other raw ingredients such as milk, spices, coffee powder ,sugar ,honey etc that is adulterated with various unwanted matter such as cloth dyes (green color used to color capsicum, lady finger etc .) honey is adulterated with sugar syrup, milk is adulterated with chalk powder ,ghee with sweet potato etc. and we are unaware about it. Watch the video and get to know more.