Six home chefs who are giving foodies a taste of their home-cooked specialities

From Mangalorean-style crab curry to Awadhi Shami Tikiya, home chefs across the country are providing foodies with a variety of cuisines and dishes to try out

22 Jun 2021

The culinary landscape has changed dramatically over the past year, and one shift that dominated the scene was the spotlight on food prepared by home chefs. And this is a trend that is expected to continue in 2021, according to the Godrej Food Trends Report 2021.

As new priorities and routines emerge in the post-pandemic era, various factors are driving food consumption choices and the exploration of alternatives to home cooking. The emphasis on home-cooked food and food safety are expected to be primary drivers for the increasing demand for food delivery from trusted home chef kitchens. Here are some foodpreneurs from across the country whose menus and dishes have been appreciated by foodies.

The Ruchira Kitchen, Delhi

Jaffna Mutton and Potato Curry, Qabooli Biryani, Malabar Parottas, Kerala-style Potato Roast, Mangoes and Cream Tres Leches. These are just some of the dishes that have shown up on Chef Ruchira Hoon’s weekend delivery menus. Her versatile menus showcase dishes from various cuisines—Chettinad, Kerala, Sri Lankan and Persian, among others.  The chef and food consultant also regularly hosts online classes and workshops to share her knowledge with enthusiastic foodies. You can get more information about her delivery menus here.

Sima's Kitchen Secrets, Kolkata

Her friends and family have been fans of Sima Ahmed’s Awadhi biryani for years, and since 2017, foodies in Kolkata have been able to understand what the fuss is all about. The recipe for the biryani is said to have been passed down in her family for generations. Through her brand, Sima’s Kitchen Secrets, the home chef has been offering varieties of biryanis, haleem, kebabs such as Shami Tikiya and Khaas Kebab, and desserts like Firni and Sheer Khurma. Find out more.

Didi’s Kitchen, Bengaluru

At the age of 47, Bengaluru-based Saroj Didi set up her food business during the pandemic and has been delighting customers with her homecooked fare. She offers both vegetarian and seafood dishes — her Mangalorean crab curry made with coconut milk is her signature dish. Prawn Gassi, Bangda Fry and Gajar Halwa are some of the other dishes she has served up earlier. Get more details here.

Aiyo, Patrao!, Mumbai

‘Aiyo, Patrao!’ has been a popular favourite for Mumbai-based foodies craving some home-style Kerala and Goan-Portuguese dishes. Think Meen Varutharachada Kootan, Nair Red Istu, lacy appams, Squid Recheado, Prawn Kodi and Choris Pulao. Couple Marian Dcosta and Ashwin Nair run the venture, and you can find out more on their Instagram handle.

Marwadi Khana, Gurugram

Through ‘Marwadi Khana', home chef Abhilasha Jain aims to showcase the spread of traditional vegetarian Rajasthani cuisine. As the name suggests, her venture offers authentic Marwari food, the recipes of which she says have been passed down through the generations. These include Gawar Phali Dhokli, Dal Bati and Churma, Gatta Pulav, Chuware ki Chutney, and Aata Gaund Ladoo. Get more details here.

Bhaskar’s Kitchen, Chennai

Foodies in Chennai can expect home-style south Indian food such as biryani, prawn varattiyathu, ghee rice, chicken kurma and crab masala from this home kitchen. Then there are desserts like caramel custard, panna cotta and gulab jamun. Get more information about their menu here.

Are there any other home chefs that you would like to add to this list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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