Go back to your culinary roots

From terracotta pots to cast iron tawas, copper bowls to soapstone pots, a new Hyderabad-based store has something for everybody who’s interested in an organic, sustainable and slow-cooking lifestyle

22 Feb 2020

Essential Traditions by Kayal recently opened its first outlet at Film Nagar in Hyderabad. The store offers a wide variety of traditional cookware and products that modern working youngsters can use. This includes seasoned cast iron tawas and skillets, terracotta bowls, copper water bottles, and wooden and coconut fibre accessories. 

The idea is to revisit our culinary roots and understand how science met sustenance through our traditional cooking methods. For example, food made in iron kadhais gives our bodies a much-needed daily dose of iron, clay cookware curbs the acidity in food and soapstone vessels help save energy and fuel. 

With stores in Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad that offer a wide variety of traditional cooking utensils, Essential Traditions by Kayal aims to promote sustainable and environmentally conscious ways of cooking.

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