GFTR predicts: Ring in the New Year with indigenous alco-beverages

This winter season, people to opt for flavoured beverages and spirits infused with Indian in-gredients, predicts Godrej Food Trends Report 2022

22 Dec 2022

As the winter season brings in the season of holidays, there is a profound change expected in the beverage segment across various parts of India, according to state experts. For one, during the pandemic, it was observed that several consumers and hobbyists invested their disposable time experimenting with various beverage preferences. This in turn has led to a growing and renewed preference for flavoured drinks and spirits that are infused with local Indian ingredients.

Moreover, with households opting to spend quality time with their loved ones, within the close comforts of their homes, consumers are expected to once again relive the experience of choosing beverages and spirits which include Indian ingredients.

This and several other interesting findings have been corroborated by 200+ experts for the annual Godrej Food Trends Report 2022- Collector’s Edition.

The Godrej Foods Trends Report 2022 - Collector's Edition has compiled evolving facets of culinary and beverage culture in India. These insights are based on opinions of over 200+ thought leaders that include celebrity chefs, home chefs, professional chefs, food bloggers, health professionals, media professionals, mixologists, nutritionists, restaurateurs, sommeliers, food producers, and more, all of whom share deep insights about their respective areas of expertise.

When asked about festive beverage trends, Savio Pereira, founder- Finest Journeys of India, commented, “Thanks to the pandemic, there was a focus on looking at what ingredients and recipes were available or possible in India, leading to experimentation with new flavours, but with an Indian edge. The next year is going to reinforce this trend even within the alco-bev segment”

Shatbhi Basu, mixologist, author and owner, Creative Consults stated, “Quality Indian origin spirits will continue to grow. This is Renaissance time for our young entrepreneurs. They have passion and grit to make things happen. And indigenous spirits are part of that renaissance too. We must revitalise quality feni and bring mahua to the world”

“The beverage space is at a very exciting stage of evolution in India currently. From once being just an accessory to food on restaurant menus, today the beverage segment is a vibrant dynamic space of immense growth and evolution! The Indian beverage space was the most hard-hit within F&B in the pandemic, but also the quickest to pivot and reinvent itself. Consequently, today the Indian diner has the best of Indian beverages both when dining out and at home. Conversations around beverages have always been exciting, from Indian wine claiming its space on global platforms, to the craft beer revolution, from the growth of non-alcoholic beverages to the continuing rise of Indian spirits and the phenomenal evolution of Indian coffee into its 4th wave! It’s only going to be more exciting in years to come, and its most definitely going to have a very strong made in India spirit!” Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal curator and editor, the annual Godrej Food Trends Report.

Some key findings that have emerged for 2022 are:

  • Indian ingredient infused flavoured beverages and spirits: 52.4% of the food experts predicted, flavoured beverages and spirits which are brewed with indigenous ingredients, will find an impressive flavour amongst people indulging in the Christmas and year-end festivities
  • Strong preference for Indian made spirits: 47.6% of the panellists stated that there is a strong preference and inclination towards Indian made spirits, by consumers. Quality Indian origin spirits are expected to grow as indigenous spirits such as premium quality feni and mahua could drive this change.
  • Homemade fermented drinks: 47.6% of the panel foresees home kitchens and hobbyists dabbling more seriously in homemade fermented beverages. With families wanting to spend quality time at home, with their loved ones during the festive spirit, Indian households would opt for homemade fermented beverages
  • Consumers opting for low and/or zero alcohol beverages: 38.1% of the panel members opine, very interestingly, that there are many consumers who despite wanting to indulge in the merriment, would opt for low or zero alcohol-based beverages.
  • Indigenous cocktails: Out of the 200+ panellists, 27.0% of them remarked that there is indeed a preference for indigenous spirit-based cocktails too. A new found appreciation of all things Indian will work as a catalyst for consumers in India sipping onto indigenous based cocktails.

The detailed 95-page edition of the Godrej Food Trends Report 2022 is available for download at In addition to the quantitative insights, the top 12 predictions for 2022 are depicted in the infographic below:

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