Who said capsicums had to be next to something?

Capsicums or green bell peppers, usually treated as a sabzi in Indian households, can be cooked in a lot more ways than one

22 Sep 2021

Capsicums are criminally underutilised in the Indian kitchen. While they might remit a scrunched-up face from your kids, we are here to share some recipes which could change their minds. Not only are these cup-shaped greens healthy, but the vegetable can be repurposed in several different styles. Fry them, grill some slices, or fill it with a sumptuous stuffing, there’s a lot more one can do than simply eat it with roti. Soak them in salted vinegar and you can even eat it as a pickle! Read on to try some exciting and unique capsicum recipes which might change your mind about this under-rated vegetable.

Capsicum curry

Serve this delicious curry on a rainy day with some hot steaming rice! Start off by toasting some peanuts and sesame seeds in a pan. Next, add some grated coconut, tomatoes and onions. Spice up the mix with some garam masala, turmeric and chilli powder. Transfer this mixture into a blender and blend it into a thick paste. Next, chop up some capsicums and onions. After sautéing them in a pan with some Godrej Veg Oil, add the creamy curry paste to the mixture, stir for a bit and serve hot!

Buttered capsicum

Try this fun and easy party recipe the next time you have guests over and are scrambling to put together a menu! Slice or chop up some capsicums and add them to a pan along with some garlic cloves and mushrooms. Sauté the vegetables in butter till the capsicums seem semi-cooked. Add some Tabasco sauce if you’re eager to spice it up or simply add some chilli flakes and oregano. Serve this standalone dish as an exciting appetiser.

Capsicum masala poriyal

Blitz some coconut, roasted peanuts, dried red chilli, and cumin seeds in a mixer until you have a coarse powder. Next, stir fry some squarely cut capsicum, onion, and curry leaves in a pan. Mix the powder and the capsicum and you have a delicious and healthy poriyal that will liven up your rasam and rice.

Baked stuffed capsicum

Instead of presenting capsicum next to an aloo ki sabzi or paneer, try stuffing them into these little cups instead! And you can try a host of stuffings such as pulao, paneer or even cheese. For a cottage cheese-based stuffing, grate some Godrej Jersey Paneer and add grated ginger, garam masala powder, chilli powder, mashed potatoes, onions and even fried cashew nuts. Stir the mixture properly and carefully stuff the capsicum with this. You could even brush the inside of the capsicum with a little oil beforehand to ensure a more sumptuous and dish that isn’t too dry. Bake the little capsicums in a pre-heated oven for 15 minutes at 180 degrees. You could also line the top of the filling with some grated cheese to make the combination tastier!

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