Vegan Shravan dishes to snack on this fasting month

Delicious farali foods to enjoy this Shravan month

22 Jul 2022

Shravan is often known as the month of fasting. Many observe the practice of fasting and abstaining from various food groups such as meat, poultry, leafy vegetables, etc. during the period. ‘Farali’ or fasting dishes are instead prepared and consumed with emphasis on root vegetables, nuts, and fruits.

According to the Godrej Food Trends Report 2022, the vegan food space shall see plenty of innovation and a rise in demand for plant-based, vegan-friendly options in the coming years. More and more chefs, restaurants and consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the impact of our food systems on environmental wellbeing and conversations around vegan practices have been growing.

As the month of Shravan is set to begin, we have listed some vegan ‘farali’ dishes that you can whip up with Godrej Veg Oils and relish through the fasting month.

Amaranth puri

This farali flatbread is made from amaranth flour (ground from the seeds of the Amaranth plant). The amaranth flour has a slightly sweet, earthy flavour that pairs well even with a simple potato curry. This farali puri only requires four ingredients – Amaranth flour, boiled potatoes, rock salt and Godrej Veg Oil. The dough is kneaded and divided into small balls that are flattened between parchment paper (as the rolling pin doesn’t work well on these). The puri is then fried in crackling hot oil until they turn brown and fluffy.

Sabudana khichdi

No Shravan month goes by without preparing the sabudana khichdi. Sabudana goes by various names such as sago or tapioca pearls and is made from plant starch of the cassava root. This preparation is made by tempering ground peanuts, cumin, green chillies, and curry leaves in oil and adding boiled potatoes and soaked Tapioca pearls. The mixture is cooked until the sago turns transparent and is served with freshly chopped coriander leaves and lemon juice.

Batata kees

This popular Maharashtrian dish is often consumed for breakfast during the fasting month. The preparation method is similar to the sago khichdi. To prepare the batata kees, potatoes are shredded and tossed with cumin, green chillies, and crushed peanuts in oil. The dish is served with freshly chopped coriander and lemon juice.

Baked sweet potato wedges

These wedges are a great side dish and super easy to rustle up. The baked sweet potato wedges require only a handful of ingredients – just peel and cut the sweet potatoes into wedges and toss them in a large bowl with Godrej Veg Oil, rock salt, and ground black pepper. Spread the wedges out on a tray and bake them in a pre-heated oven at 210C for 25 minutes.

Rawa fry raw banana

Raw bananas replace potatoes in some cuisines due to their similar taste and texture. This dish is prepared in a manner slightly similar to fish fry – the raw banana is sliced into long slices, soaked in cold water for a few minutes and patted dry, tossed in a marinade of spices, and fried in Godrej Veg Oil until the pieces turn golden brown.

What are your favourite fasting dishes? Tell us in the comments.

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