Traditional beverages that continue to delight foodies even now

Food is an integral aspect of our culture. Known for an extensive use of herbs and spices, our traditional food and beverages can give any fancy dish a run for its money. Glasses full of haldi-doodh or chhach are drinks we have grown up on and can all swear by. A survey on non-alcoholic beverages by the Godrej Food Trends 2018 Report states that the demand for beverages infused with Indian spices, local ingredients and ethnic flavours will grow in the near future. Looking at the increasing popularity of traditional beverages in the market, this prediction seems to be spot on. These drinks are not only readily available and easy to make, but are also quite light on the wallets. And most importantly, they come with great health benefits! The FBAI Awards’ attendees have picked their favourites

21 Jun 2018