Think outside the wine bottle this Valentine’s Day

Champagne and wine are great. But what if you tried these zingy concoctions this Valentine’s Day?

14 Feb 2022

Valentine’s Day is here, and we bet you’re gearing up for a cozy date at a restaurant or a beautiful spread at home.

Have you considered what the drinks menu would look like? If it’s the usual, might we suggest you spice things up a bit?

This Valentine’s Day, ditch the crowd favourites and try some of these strong cocktails to ring in the occasion in high spirits!

A little bit of gin

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This isn’t just any other martini, it’s one made with gin! To make this breezy yet potent concoction, take some gin, vermouth (a specific type of fortified wine), ice cubes and shake the ingredients well in a cocktail shaker. Instead of vermouth, you can try adding a white wine with a strong body instead. You can also swap out the gin with some vodka for an enhanced punch!

Garnish this drink with a couple of olives, and you have the perfect drink for a lazy evening!

Rum as dark as night

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Wind down your Valentine’s Day celebrations with this rum cocktail. For this drink, you’ll need some dark rum and ginger beer. Stir the drink well. You could also add a lemon rind to the top of your delicious drink!

The addition of the ginger beer is similar to a Moscow Mule, a Russian drink, which includes vodka instead of rum and includes a higher proportion of lemon juice.

Tequila isn't just for parties

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That’s right, you can fashion some tequila into a fun mojito too! Prepare some lemonade beforehand, and add it to the shaker. Next, add the tequila, followed by some club soda. Shake the ingredients well, and you’re done! This quick drink will taste like a breeze, but we promise, it will add just the right amount of punch to your Valentine’s Day meal!

We mustn’t forget the strawberries

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How can there be Valentine’s Day without some strawberries? Take some strawberries and basil leaves and gently muddle in a cocktail shaker. Once you’ve muddled them add to a mixer, and follow it up with some vodka, lime juice and ice. Shake the ingredients well, and your strawberry cocktail is ready!

Let there always be chocolate

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Want to try some dessert drink? That’s right, you can add some chocolate to your Valentine’s Day cocktail too. Take some creamy chocolate liqueur (chocolate sauce spiked with vodka), and add it to the vodka. Shake it vigorously in a cocktail shaker filled with ice cubes. Rim a cocktail glass with cocoa powder.  Strain and enjoy the lighter martini.

Are there any other strong cocktails you love to make? Tell us in the comments section below.

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