The story of stuffed parathas

A satiating and wholesome meal, Indians love parathas stuffed or otherwise

20 Sep 2021

What is about this wholesome flatbread that makes it so unique and appealing? This delicious flatbread slathered with some white butter is not just mouthwatering but comfort food laced with emotion. We love our parathas in breakfast, lunch and dinner. And we can never be happy with just one kind of filling. Oh-so-filling and utterly satisfying, there is a wide choice of stuffing to consider— methi, aloo, mooli, onion, sugar and so on, mixed with the dough and cooked using generous amounts of ghee or butter. Though it is unclear when the paratha came into existence, it definitely became an integral part of North Indian cuisine and slowly spread across the country.

Here’s looking at some exciting stuffed paratha recipes you could try at home other than the basic (yet absolutely unforgettable) aloo paratha!

Paneer paratha

Paneer, or cottage cheese which comprises curd and milk, makes for a healthy stuffing to your paratha. Break down the Godrej Jersey Paneer blocks into small fragments and add some coriander (dhania), chilli powder, and some garam masala to make the mixture slightly spicy. Place the paneer filling in the middle of your wheat dough to ensure it spreads across the paratha evenly. Paneer can also be paired with some green peas. Soak a few green peas in water, turn it into a thick paste using a blender and mix it with the kneaded dough to make an interesting base for your paneer paratha!

Chinese paratha

This kid-friendly recipe is surely worth a try if you want to stave off the usual noodles. Chop up some cabbage, carrots, capsicum and mushrooms and sauté them in a pan with some oil, pepper, salt and soy sauce. Next, add the mixture to the rolled-out dough. You can also add some spring onion, and ginger to the mix if you’re not in much hurry, or chuck the mushrooms if you’re not a fan. Serve the Chinese parathas with some Schezwan sauce or the old-fashioned ketchup!

Corn and spinach stuffed paratha

Spinach might not be your go-to vegetable, but pairing it with a hot paratha might change your mind. Sauté some onions and chillies in a pan. Add the finely chopped spinach to the mix. After setting it aside, add the boiled corn and mix the stuffing well. You can either add the mix to the roti, roll it over like the previous recipes, or add the stuffing into half-cooked rotis. Fold the rotis like tacos and put them in the oven at 200 degrees for four minutes to savour them as quesadilla. Enjoy your corn stuffed parathas with a spicy chutney or curd!

Egg paratha

While bread is always a fun pairing with an omelette, try pairing it with roti to make the dish healthier. Add some coriander, onion, and chilli to a batch of eggs and beat them till it is frothy. Spread the mixture onto a pan much like you would an omelette. Place the omelette between two rotis and carefully roast them on the pan using a healthy dash of Godrej Veg Oils. Take a break from cereal and serve this protein-rich dish for breakfast!

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