Tank up this Holi with Thandai

Try some hatke thandai recipes that are guaranteed to inject a refreshing twist to your celebrations!

06 Mar 2023

Holi, the festival of colors, is always incomplete without this extremely popular refreshing milk-based Thandai in North India. While you can always get a ready-made mix, making this drink from scratch isn’t a strain!  What’s more, some of these variations will make you want to rely on homemade recipes. So catch hold of some delicious Godrej Jersey Milk and get cracking.

Rose thandai

This is a delicious variation to the classic thandai made with the floral flavours of rose. Take the delicious Godrej Jersey Rose Flavoured Milk, and add a thandai mix consisting of crushed almonds and cashews, fennel seeds, black pepper, and sugar. Once blended you have yourself the perfect cooling drink sure to set you on course for an energetic day of Holi.

Iced tea thandai

Iced tea thandai
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In case you want to skip the milk, don’t worry, we have an option for you too! To make some thandai flavoured ice tea, add some crushed almonds, khus khus, cardamom, fennel, and saffron. Serve chilled and watch the blues melt away!

Gulkand thandai

Add a dash of gulkand to the saffron infused Godrej Double Toned Lite Milk (for the health conscious!) for a refreshing gulkand thandai. Also add crushed almonds for an enhanced taste!

Vodka thandai

Vodka thandai
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Saving the best for the last, this exciting cocktail is sure to blow your mind! Soak the thandai mix in water and crush it into a fine paste. Next, add milk and vodka to a mixer, followed by the paste. Strain your drink through a strainer and serve chilled for a boozy Holi drink!

Do you know of any other inventive thandai recipes? Tell us in the comments section below.

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