Six lesser-known regional dishes to relish this summer

Loaded with nutritional benefits, curd or yoghurt proves to be a versatile ingredient -- a ubiquitous choice in several recipes. Check out these lesser-known curd-based regional dishes.

27 May 2020

Mosaru, dahi, doi, thayir, dhayi, zamutdodh. So many different names for curd or yoghurt across the country. Right from the south, all the way up to Kashmir, curd forms an in    tegral part of our diets, especially during summer. And with good enough reason too. Curd’s legendary health benefits, its probiotic properties and versatility make it suitable for all age groups and even different ways of including in diet. . Here’s looking at six lesser-known regional dishes where the curd is the star.


A popular Saraswat and Kannadiga recipe, this cold curd-based curry is especially popular during the summers. Tambli (also called tambuli in Kannada) is made by mixing yoghurt, grated coconut and herbs, vegetable or spice. Popular combinations include onion and ginger, garlic, palak and doddapatre (ajwain). This no-cook curry can be given a tempering if required, and pairs well with steamed rice. 

Chana madra

Chana madra is a popular Himachali curry that is made with curd, chickpeas, jackfruit pieces and spices. It’s a relatively easy dish, which doesn’t require too many ingredients. It pairs well with simple steamed rice. 

Doon chetin 

This chutney is a favourite among Kashmiri Pandits and is quite simple to prepare. Walnuts and green chillies are coarsely crushed in a mortar and pestle and then mixed with thick curd. The mixture is then seasoned and garnished with fresh or dried mint. 

Thayir vadai

Thayir vadai can be simply described as the Tamilian equivalent of dahi wada or dahi bhalla. As with the northern chaat, there are several versions of this southern tea-time favourite. However, some of the more spoken about versions don’t have any chutneys drizzled over them. Thayir vadai is said to be a popular way of using up leftover medu wadas -- these are dunked in thick salted curd, tempered with mustard seeds and either served as is or garnished with chopped coriander leaves. 

Dahi baigana

This Odiya curd-based curry requires minimal ingredients, comes together quickly and doesn’t need much cooking. Fried brinjal pieces are mixed with whisked curd and spices. The dish is then tempered with mustard seeds, cumin, curry leaves and green chillies. Since ginger and garlic aren’t added to the dish, it often features on festival or wedding menus.

Pahadi kheere ka raita

Curd, grated cucumber and mustard seeds are the stars of this Kumaoni version of raita. This staple side dish packs a punch with minimal ingredients! 

Which is your favourite curd-based dish? Share your regional favourites in the comments below.

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