How fine should you grind your coffee?

How to brew your coffee by adjusting the perfect grind size

22 Sep 2022

While instant coffee remains popular in India, many coffee drinkers have shifted to brewing their coffee at home with different brewing methods using various equipment. Missing their foamy cappuccinos with friends at cafes or cups of freshly brewed espresso at work, the ardent fans of this popular beverage have resorted to making their daily coffee at home.

Godrej Food Trends Report 2021 predicted a surge in interest for home brewing. According to Ashish D’Abreo, founding partner of Maverick & Farmer, consumers will continue experimenting with various brewing methods until they find the one that they are most comfortable with.

So let’s look at the common grind sizes and their suitable brewing methods so that you can brew that perfect cup of coffee.

Extra coarse grind

The consistency of this grind size is similar to rock salt and is best for cold brew coffees. The coffee grounds are mixed with water and left to steep, usually overnight. The grounds are strained, and the result is a strong, concentrated brew.

Coarse grind

This grind size is best for the French press coffee makers. The coffee grounds are spooned into the pot, and hot water is poured into it. After letting it stand for three-four minutes, the plunger is pressed down upon the grounds letting the strong brew rise to the top. The consistency of this grind size is similar to coarse sea salt.

Medium fine grind

This grind has a consistency of table salt and is ideal for pour-over coffees or drip coffee makers. The pour-over method involves pouring hot water through the grounds in a filter. The water drains through the coffee grounds and filter, right into a carafe or mug.

Fine to superfine grind

The popular espresso machines require very finely ground coffee. The consistency of these grounds is closer to flour or finely granulated sugar. Espresso is brewed by forcing very hot, pressurised water through the grounds. This strong coffee decoction is then used to prepare cappuccino, Americano, latte, and other caffeine-based beverages.

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