Have you tried these super easy Korean dishes?

There is so much more to Korean cuisine than kimchi. Here is a list of popular Korean dishes to put on your ‘must-try’ list

23 Nov 2022

Korean cuisine has gained popularity all over the world thanks to K-pop and K-dramas going mainstream. In fact, between 2019 and 2020, the Indian viewership of K-dramas increased by a whopping 370%! Shows like Crash Landing On You, Its Okay To Not Be Okay, and Squid Game are just some of the many K-dramas that have encouraged Indian audiences to ride the K-wave.

Each year, specific cuisines rise and fall in popularity. The Godrej Food Trends Report 2022 predicts that Korean cuisine is getting equal space in the global food scene. Acclaimed food writer Antoine Lewis agrees, “Thanks to the influence of K-pop, Korean dramas, Korean TV shows, and movies on Netflix, Korea is shaping up into a cultural powerhouse.”

The hallmark of Korean cuisine is the harmony of flavours. The cuisine uses fermented condiments like the traditional jang and a diversity of spices, such as garlic, onion, and pepper.

While K-dramas are popular for their feel-good storylines and relatable characters, there’s no missing their mouth-watering cuisine! Let’s go over some popular, easy-to-whip-up Korean dishes that you can try your hand at using common Indian ingredients.

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