Five desserts that will inspire romance this Valentine's Day

Nothing spells romance for a foodie like a delicious dessert for two. Here are five popular (and tempting) desserts that are the sweetest way to say, “I love you”

12 Feb 2018

Strawberry tart

Strawberries are synonymous with romance and known for being aphrodisiacs. Reason enough why the fruit is pretty much a no brainer ingredient for a romantic dessert. Combine strawberries with a decadent crème pâtissière or a no-fuss cream cheese, and we guarantee the tart will taste fabulous either way.

Chilli chocolate fondue

Chocolate fondue is an obvious choice, but turning up the heat takes this old favourite to new heights. What makes this spicy delight a hot favourite is that it pairs well with practically anything. Whether it’s brownies, cakes, fruits or even marshmallows, all you need to do is start dipping!

Wine poached pears

A fruit and wine combination rarely goes wrong and this dessert just proves that. It’s also an easy peasy recipe for those who aren’t confident of their pastry skills. An added bonus is that it looks great on the plate (and tastes delicious too!)


Sharing these deep fried bites of goodness is guaranteed to rekindle the romance! What makes churros a favourite is that they are easy to eat and super versatile. Whether you dip these crispy delights in ganache, salted caramel or even whipped cream, they taste equally great.

Red velvet cake

Critics can bash this bright pink cake all they can, but there is no denying it still has its die-hard fans. Whether it’s red velvet cakes, cupcakes, or even cake pops, this pretty-as-a-picture dessert still spells romance for many. Those in the red velvet camp say not only does the cake taste good but it also makes for an Insta-worthy dessert!

Which dessert inspires romance for you? Drop a comment to let us know.

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