Make room for creativity while decorating your dining room

Want to decorate your dining space but is confused as to how to go about it? We will tell you how.

22 Feb 2020

Your dining table needs to be more than just a utilitarian piece of furniture. You would want a durable table that fits well in your dining room, big enough to accommodate everyone at home and has comfortable seating. Most importantly, you would also want it to be aesthetically pleasing.  These are some basics that we already know. But when you are looking at the functional aspect, you can consider installing a multi-purpose dining table – perhaps one which can be converted into a coffee table as well as a ping-pong table. If you’re decking up your dining room with something unusual, so why not try something more useful? Vintage look
Make the dining room appear distinctly royal and vintage. A wooden table, an antique chandelier, some classic rugs and lanterns can do magic in giving the room an old-world charm. Handpick the light fixtures and the tableware to match the theme of your dining room, and you’ll be all set to be transported to a bygone era! 

Wall story

How about painting the walls of the room on your own? Give your guests some food for thought by pasting posters of phrases and quotes on the wall. Or, how about hanging wall pieces that remind you of your adventurous vacations. Or, you can simply hang some mirrors of different shapes and sizes to make the room appear bigger and brighter. 

Less is more

Live with less is the hot new trend. A functional space with minimal décor is the hardest to design. Fewer objects mean less distractions and more space. Go with the basics– a table with chairs, some lights, and a colour scheme that soothes the eye. Eventually, the only thing that matters is your state of mind. If an open space makes you happy, so be it. 

An earthy touch

You can go green in decorating the dining room and give it an earthy look. Place some potted plants and make sure to take care of them. Additionally, you can choose eco-friendly chairs, table, tablemats and baskets made of rattan. This material is sturdy, weather-resistant, requires low maintenance and is high on sustainability. We bet it’ll look unusually cool! 

What are the things that make your dining room special? Please let us know by typing in the comments section below. 

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